Hearing aids?

mboston_gwFebruary 5, 2011

I have mild to moderate hearing loss in the upper ranges in both ears. Also have Tinnitus, which is getting worse. I am a candidate for hearing aids since my basal tones are in the normal range and it is the nerve endings that are failing, not an inner ear elsewhere problem or wax problem.

I am leary to get two - thinking about one for the left ear which has the Tinnitus worse and seems to be the one I rely on the most. Have been told that they can cost anywhere between $800 - 2,000, depending on the type and that there is a "tryout" period to allow you to get used to them. Guess it takes time to adjust.

Anyone here have suggestions on types or advice for me?

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DH found some with a 30 day trial. They were $4000. He hated them. He has tinnitus also and he would rather hear what he hears now than all the new sounds & noises he was hearing with the aids. Call around and see if they have the free trail and try it for yourself.

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