Help....wood laminate floors popping up

TLC1970July 7, 2012

Home is 1976, two layers of vinal flooring and laminate wood on top. We had leak from ceiling that flooded bedroom and hallway. The day of leak, turned water off, called company to dry floor and had plumbing issue in ceiling fixed. Had flooring company out, they tore up laminate wood flooring and all vinal, all the way down to concrete floor. They did a moisture test, found moisture, and then let floor dry for a week. Did another moisture test and found low moisture but said ok to proceed with new flooring. They put down some moisture barrier and then layed laminate wood flooring. Now, a month later, two soft spots on floor. I called flooring company and they say, moisture, must have a leak but turned off water at meter and meter not spinning so no leak. We never had a problem with floor until over head leak and a licensed plumber fixed that, that problem has been resolved and not causing moisture. Any suggestion on what we should do....I am very worried that we have a major issue here and not sure what it could be. By the way, the test that they did when they were called back out, they said is a new test and cost them 700.00 and that test they drilled into the floor and test came back within minutes that it was at 80. Please help, someone

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I have tryed to reply or follow up to this post but its not showing on my end so you can email me if you'd like.
The short of it is the laminate needs to be rated if below grade install & if not and company knows that then there is even more of a issue.
So we need to know if this Is on slab or basement.

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Turning off the water and watching the meter won't tell you if you have a leak. Make sure all water is off in the house and then watch the meter for movement although a very small leak may take a while before it's reflected at the meter. You might want to do it before you go to bed (and make sure no one uses water overnight).

Frankly, I'd suspect that the concrete wasn't sufficiently dry before the flooring was laid.

Do you have any pipes that run through the concrete? Perhaps there is another issue unrelated to your ceiling leak?

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