My, How Time Flies.....

jenniferwMay 12, 2006

I can't believe how fast time goes by. Today marks one year since my 57 year old mother died suddenly in her sleep. The time seems to have gone by so fast, yet in some ways, it seems like it happened only yesterday. I miss her so much. Sometimes I feel like the pain of losing her eats me up inside. Other times, I laugh and smile when I think of her sense of humor and something happens that we would have laughed and gossiped about. There's not a day that goes by when she doesn't cross my mind. Last night I was lying in bed thinking that just one year ago this was her last night on earth. I cried myself to sleep. I'm better today, and for some reason, although I'm so sad, I haven't really cried. It doesn't mean I don't miss or love her, it just means that I've come to terms with her death. I'm going out soon with my new husband for a couple of drinks and we'll sit and talk and remember my mom with smiles and laughter instead of tears. He never got to meet her, but I want him to feel as if he knew her. He would have loved her and she him. I guess I better end this now and go get ready to go out. I love and miss you mommy!! Rest in Peace!!!

(Mary Ellen Wescott .....September 21st, 1947 - May 12th, 2005)

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That first year is a real landmark. During the first year, everything is a "first." First time to go in store you and Mom liked, first holidays without her, your first birthday without her, etc. It's a year of healing, transition, and change. From now on there are no more firsts. There is a sadness about it because we are distancing ourselves further and further from our memories of our mothers when they were with us.

You have wonderful memories of your mom, and your new DH is very sweet to join in, even though he didn't know her. I often wish I could tell my mother all that is going on, all that she has missed, all the gossip. She has been gone 3 years now.

Mary Ellen--what a beautiful name. Take care.

Happy Mothers' Day, Mom!

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I know what you mean about how in a way it seems like it's gone by so fast and then on the other hand, for me at times, it seems like an eternity since they left.
Your new husband is very kind to want to know all about your mom and share your memories.
My mom has been gone almost 2 years now. I miss her so much, also. The best thing we can do is to continue to remember all of their wonderful qualities and smile when we think of them.

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