Hypothyroid medication 'adjusting'

deniselFebruary 9, 2006

Just wondering if anyone out there who is presently hypothyroid often needs their meds. adjusted. I was diagnosed this past Oct. and my Dr. put me on 100mcg. to start and by the time Nov/Dec rolled around, I felt like my old self. I literally felt so balanced after being in such a slump! Anyhow, had to be retested mid-Dec. and she dropped me back to 88mcg and even though it hasn't been a significant drop, I really feel the difference. I feel like I did before I was diagnosed. Anyhow, I should be hearing today what my results are, and am just wondering if this is common and how good are the docs. about listening to how we feel instead of what the blood work tells them so that I can get moved back up to where I felt my best!

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What does your doctor say when you tell her that you felt better at 100 mcg? And what is your TSH level? Also, you might ask your doctor what she feels is an optimal level - in the past, doctors would let it get as high as 5 and still call it normal, but now most are setting an upper limit of 3, and many think that something around 1 is optimal for most people.

Do you see your regular doctor or an endocrinologist? If the former, you might ask for a consult to the latter.

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My endo listens very carefully when I tell her how I'm feeling. 12 years after graves disease (we treated with medication only), my thyroid levels have become low, and it seems like we are forever tweaking the medication by tiny bits (additional or less 1/2 tablet once per week etc) - apparently I'm one who is really sensitive to the changes. I'm doing the 88mcg right now; at 100 she felt my blood levels were slightly high, at 88 very slightly low but I told her I was feeling mildly anxious with clammy hands and feet which doesn't match low levels - my endo agreed to wait 12 weeks and test again before making a dose change.

It's a careful balance between how you feel and your lab reports...You might feel more energetic, efficient with higher levels, but you could be losing some bone density during those months too so much to consider.

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Went to see my Dr. on Friday and we have re-adjusted my meds. I am alternating now between 88 and 100. If my test results come back in the normal range, she is going to let me continue to alternate. She informed me that a few endocronologists that she deals with have found that this method works well for someone like me. I will be re-tested in 6 weeks and she is very good at listening and has been testing me every 6 to 8 weeks to get my dosage right. She did also tell me that we have to be careful of the osteo problem if I am too high a dosage. Sure hoping this works! Thanks for responding to my post.

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Denise, that's great. It sounds like you've found a dr you can work well with -- that's half the battle. :)

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Thanks so much! I totally agree! I have a great Dr. I have known her for twelve years and am sure that helps me out because she knows me so well! I have talked personally with a few others with this same problem and their Docs. won't adjust them because they stick to what the lab work says! I have referred them to my Dr. but they are content to stay. I wouldn't muddle through, I have been so on top of this since my diagnosis and feel so elated to get back into the game!

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