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calpatFebruary 27, 2008

On the information sheet that comes with this rx, it lists many side effects. I am experiencing all of them plus a few more. I keep asking why I am taking this medication and the same answer "because it's good for you/it keeps you from infections/ etc". Have been diagnosed with COPD, I'm on oxygen 24/7, I've gained nearly 50 lbs since I started this regime(May 2007). I've always lived an active, life, all sports, arts, music, & especially gardening. Now I'm lucky to get 15 minutes of light weed pulling/planting done and I'm wiped out for hours. I'm also 82 years and expect a bit of a slow down, but this regime is depressing and thank you but I don't need anymore anti-depressants. I thought a bit of venting would be helpful, but I don't think so! Any suggestion for substitute medication? Pat

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Prednisone does a lot of things, but keeping you from getting infections is NOT one of them. Steroids suppress your immune system, making it easier for you to get infections. It is probably being prescribed to control the inflammation in your airways.

Instead of asking why you are on pred, ask your doctor if there are alternatives with less side effects. Steroids affect every single system of the body, in most cases negatively. One option is for taking steroids as an inhaler instead of as a pill- this may produce less side effects. Other options are brochodilators such as theophylline, beta2 agonists, anticholinergics, leukotriene antagonist, cromones, and xanthines. All of these medications have side effects, but they may be more tolerable than steroids.

Of course, the single most important thing to relieve COPD is to stop smoking if you do smoke. If you've already quit or never did smoke, congratulations!

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