goldyFebruary 16, 2006

Has anyone develop side affects from taking actonel?My leg pains me and I think it's from this drug.I read up on the side affects and it says"side affects don't happen over night"Also today over the radio I heard calcium does not prevent broken bones.My leg hurts me so bad and the doctors can't find anything wrong.I guess I have to use my head.

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Calcium DOES prevent broken bones! Osteo porosis is a lack of calcium in your bones....caused by many things.
Take your actonil....the back pain from collapsed vertibrae is many times worse that pain in one leg.
Linda C

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Yes, Actonel was literally poison to my body after only 6 weeks of taking 1 pill per week. The pain in my body, legs, etc. was horrible. Pain did not subside for many months.

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Ladies, Thanks for your postings. After 8 weeks on the pill I developed heaviness in my legs and pain in one pinkie, causing me to discontinue the pills. After quitting two weeks ago, the leg heaviness has been followed by excruciating leg & foot cramps while sleeping or awake. Your postings confirm my suspicion that Actonel is indeed the source of my new horrific problem.

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