Has anyone ever taken Celebrex

catlady15February 13, 2005

and had any problems?my wife was taking it up today.The drs and we are trying to find out why she is swelling so so bad in her legs,feet,ankles and hurting like the flu,and she is some confused.She is taking Crestor and celebrex/we read about both and celebrex reactions seems more like her reactions.We are just trying to find out her problems to make her well.Any advise would be apprecaited.Greg

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I haven't taken Celebrex, but my mother-in-law did. She had switched to Vioxx because she couldn't stand the swelling, just as you described. (I don't know what she's switched to now, since Vioxx went off the market.)


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I have been taking Celebrex for several years with no side effects other than I feel better with it than without it. I take only 200 MG daily. However with all the criticizm of these types of medications I'm wondering if my rheumatologist will decide to take me off it. I know of several people who were unable to take Celebrex so your wife is not alone.
Good luck.

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I took her off for two days now and she has not swelled any more and I truly believe she is allergy to this.But she hurts so so much,ever morning it hurts her to get moving around.He placed her on some strong pain med and her body is got used to this and it is like taking water.You can't even tell she takes any thing.She takes 3 a day and trust me unless she tells someone you could never know it.She hurts the same and it is oxicotin.She has never even went to sleep,felt high or what ever way you are suppose to feel.She wants to come off this because she says it is doing nothing but when she try not taking it she had withdrawls.She crys because she says she don;t want to take it because it does nothing but make her body crave it when she trys to leave it off.they had her on lortab7.5 and you could never tell it either.They tell me she has a low pain tollerance.We just do not know what to do.She said the celebrex helped her better than the oxicotin.I was taking Vioxx and it was a great drug but they took it off the market.We try talking to my wife dr and we get no where.He just told her to take just two instead of three and wean her self of it.But she did not steal the pres pad,and he ought to help her come off it.She takes 40mg 3 times a day.She been on it for 2 years.Any advise would be greatly apprcaited.we are at our wits ends.We don't know what to do.She has had 4 back surgeries and now these stints in Sept.Greg

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I'm so sorry your wife is having such a time. Chronic pain can be very difficult to deal with. I take several medicines to manage Rheumatoid and osteo arthritis- Have you thought about a second opinion? A different doctor? Or maybe a pain management clinic?

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Thank you Gmom74.I apprecaite you all talking to me being a man.I am so worried.Someone told me to take her to a Arthitis dr (rheumatologist )but do you or anyone know if they write pain med.Someone said they only write inflamation drugs.But some other person said they do write pain med and they could run test to see what type of arthitis she has.My mom says my wife has rheumatologist arthitis she beleive.What does a pain management do?I like to know a little about these drs before taking her.She hurt so much today because I could not let her have the celebrex.I don't know rather to talk to the dr about going up to a 80mg on her pain med or what.I just don't want her to suffer,but I know for fact her body is got used to the 40mg and she is still in lots of pain.Any help I will love,and so would my wife.She just wants out of pain.Greg

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Rheumatoid arthritis is an extremeny painful disease. And yes, if she has arthritis, the dr. will give her something to help with the pain. If there is inflammation, just controlling that helps the pain, too. I learned the hard way that even my regular dr. doesn't know anything about arthritis. He even told me at first that my problem was 'empty nest syndrome'. In other words, all my pain was just in my head. I went to a rheumatologist who discovered that I had RA. (Rheumatoid arthritis) He started from there to find something that would help me. It is a try and try again to get the right medications. What might help one person will not necessarily help the next. There were problems with my being allergic to some of them and some of them not doing a thing for me. I was referred to a pain management clinic once but I never went. I think they can teach you to do things that help, but I'm sorry, I don't know what. But if there is any chance she has arthritis, she needs to be in the hands of a rheumatologist. If there is one near you it is certainly worth looking into. I used pain medications at first but they caused me to have hallucinations so I quit using them. After the arthritis got under control, I don't need much now other than Tylenol. I use prednisone, Methotrexate and do the Humira shots. I ran through Remicade in about three years. There are, of course, side effects with some of these medicines. The dr will guide you.

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thanks for talking to me gmom.my wife is slowly getting better for as swelling since we stop the celebrex but her pain is still so bad.i will see a arthitis dr next week and if we like him we will let him be her dr for as pain arthitis and tests.she had 4 surgeries for rupture disks and a complete hystectomy,and she still hurts but someone said scarf tissue could be her trouble.she tried nerve blocks but each time she had bad bad headaches from them and had to have what they call blood patch .so one dr told her never let anyone do another.but like i said thanks for listening,i will let you all know a update,.i am fixing to have shoulder surgery,i see a surgian monday,we have had our plates full,.we burried my Mother n law jan 3 too and my wife is so so sad.we all are.we have 1 16 year old daughter who is the light of our life.,greg

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I took it briefly until I heard that it was causing problems with some people. I quit taking it. Can't remember if there was any swelling or not as I didn't take it very long. I take water pills, so if there would of been swelling, maybe they helped to keep it at a minimum.


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I take celebrex"No Problem" The price will kill me befor the pill does.I asked my dotor for the generic and It works just fine.

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doctor just prescribed celebrex for me 2x a day for my foot pain and my friend told me to be careful since it causes blood clots and I've had blood clots before.

anyone heard of this?

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It can affect your eyesight!

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How is cat lady these day's?
I was just thinking....with all that problem you're heaving with drugs/side effects, going for acupuncture can relieve pain very dramatically. My mother in law does acupuncture and helped allot of people with pain. Make sure you get at least 3 treatment's for a start.

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Catlady15, I am so sorry for your recent loss and your wife's suffering. I have a form of Rhumatoid Arthritis but I don't test positive for RA. I think you would be happy seeing a Rhumatologist. I would certainly be looking into a pain management clinic. They now treat various types of back pain with spinal injections of predisone and they work well. Of course, everyone is different. RA takes it toll on the entire family. I do take Celebrex 100mg at 1 or 2 per day. They do help me. I find if I don't take any pain medicine, my body adapts to the pain and I don't really notice my pain. Dr. says I have a high pain tolerance. I have 2 compression fractured vertabras and one rubs on a nerve so I can't stand or walk very long. Good luck with your search, be persistent and you will find some pain relief for your wife.

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I got off all my medication by eliminating a lot of foods from my diet. I started with Naproxen and then moved to Celebrex and when that stopped working we added a DMARD to the mix. I had a bad reaction looked into natural alternatives and now I am on no medication with no pain and no swelling. If I get off my diet for too long I can manage with an ibuprofen or tylenol. Also all fatigue that went along with the arthritis - gone. My Rheumatologist still monitors my inflammation levels and is very happy with my progress although he doesn't endorse it so much.

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Cookie, I would be interested to know what dietary changes you made. I also have RA and would dearly love to be able to reduce the medications I have to take to keep it in check. TIA


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Pris, I sent you an e-mail. Please note, in my looooonnnng e-mail, I included my new e-mail address.

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Ohhhhh Noooo! Cookie. My spamware sent your email to spam and I deleted. Didn't recognize the name. So Sorry. Would it be too much trouble to resend? Either way, I really appreciate your effort.

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I resent a new one and cc'd myself this time!

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My grandmother took it several years ago when she was having problems with her hand because of arthritis. Being nearly blind and crocheting all day long to keep busy, she really didn't want to deal with the arthritis. Anyway about 2 months later, she slipped into a coma real unexpected like. She was ok and then just not ok at all and couldn't be revived. I still to this day think that the Celebrex had something to do with it. She hadn't had high blood pressure or any signs of anything like a stroke, etc ever in her life.

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