A sign for Mother's Day

alisandeMay 11, 2007

Yesterday I posted a question on GardenWeb about a rose I was thinking of buying. It turned out to be not hardy enough for my location, but someone mentioned another possibility called Abbaye de Cluny. She said it was fairly hardy and extremely beautiful. I'm an avid "rose reader," but I'd never heard of it, and didn't think any more about it. I had other roses on my wish list.

This afternoon I expected to be out and about in one direction, but got unexpectedly diverted to another town. Through a series of small but unusual events I found myself driving past a nursery that has some pretty nice stuff. I never buy there because I'm frugal and they're expensive, but I sometimes look. Today I was tired and it was hot, so the place really didn't tempt me.

However, my car apparently didn't get that message, because it turned into the entrance. I got out and wandered in...and came face-to-face with Abbaye de Cluny  potted, healthy looking, with big fat apricot buds.

Being a big believer in signs (as opposed to coincidence, which I don't believe in at all), I plunked down my money and took my rose home.

In the car, I realized that Abbaye de Cluny is my Mother's Day gift from my daughter Gillian, who died six years ago. It's definitely something she would have picked out.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers on the forum.


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What a wonderful story, Gillian is certainly with you.

I want to add my wish for a Happy Mother's Day to everyone.


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What a wonderful gift Susan! That is definitely a sign that your daughter is with you!! Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

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What a gift to you. Treasure your new rose bush & care for it with love.
My son passed away two years ago 6-4-05. The last Mothers day gift I recieved from him was a rose bush. I still have the card he brought me with that gift. Living in Minnesota the rose bush did'nt make it through our winters but I have a beautiful picture of a bloom from that bush.
I too believe in signs, I havent seen any in a while. I do know my sons love is always with me.
Bless you on this Mothers Day and appreciate all of the other loved ones you have in your life. Life is very fragile. We do know that.
Happy Mothers Day,

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Oh, SUSAN! This is a WONDERFUL story - thank you for sharing it with those of us who also mourn the loss of our loved one.

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May that rose always comfort your heart.

I believe in signs too, although I would not let signs run my life, but I definitely believe they often point the way. We just have to pay attention and watch for them.

Best wishes.

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