annieluFebruary 3, 2007

My husband has a meningioma on his brain and will have to have surgery to remove it. Has anyone gone through this? He goes Monday for an extensive MRI so they can see exactly where it is. It has already affected his thought process and he is very concerned.

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I had a meninginoma in the optical region of my brain
six years ago. I had a seven hour operation to remove it
at Mt. Sinai Hospital in N.Y.C.. They had to take it out
in pieces because it was so big.
The surgeon I had was the Chief of the Neurosurgery Department in the hospital. He was fantastic and I would
recommend him highly to anyone.

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We saw the neurosurgeon on Friday and he is concerned because my husband is on Coumadin, aspirin, and plavix and will have to check with the heart doctor because he will have to be off these meds for 3 weeks or more. The chance of the blood clotting is great without these meds, so we're at a standstill right now.

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Hello--I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this right now. I had a left frontal craniotomy about six months ago and heard from all sorts of people who had neurosurgery. Lots of folks with meningiomas out there, apparently. A good friend of our family had a meningioma removed in his 60s, and was feeling better quite quickly. I'm 34 and otherwise healthy, and really anticipated that recovery would take much longer and be much more painful. I had no symptoms besides a seizure in the middle of the night. Before surgery, I bought a few cardigan/zippered tops so that I wouldn't have to pull things over my head. Also handy was a bath seat, because it's a bit tough to stand in the shower the first week or two. It's not fun or easy, but I'm sure you and your husband will fare well. Best of luck to both of you!

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I wish your husband the best of luck.
I also was only in the hospital for 3 days. Recovery
time was about 3 months. Eastsider's suggestion for
the cardigans was great. He really doesn't want to have
to pull anything over his head. I stayed with my mom for
the 3 months because I had stairs in my house and could not
go up or down them. Your husband will need help in the
shower for a while. Lots of luck!!!!!!
My prayers are with him. Please let me know how he does.

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I was diagnosed with a 1 inch diameter tumor in left frontal lobe in 2002. I had a seizure and dislocated my shoulder and ended up in the emergency room. That's how it was discovered after an MRI.

It was a freightening experience. But tell your husband it's not that bad. They took good care of me in the hospital and the surgery went well. They were very professional. Tell your husband he will be ok. After the operation it was painful but I got better. the only mistake I made is i wish i took more time off before going back to work. i was trying to be brave and strong. I was still weak. I should have taken two months off. I had a jerk for a boss, it was a small company, and i think they wanted to get rid of me anyway. Tell him to take as much time off he can. Even after a couple of weeks of recovery he will still be weak or have symptoms like difficult concentrating or 'brain fog'. You're welcome to email me.

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Last year I found out that I have a menigioma, they are checking it yearly to see if it grows. I already lost a breast, 2yrs. ago to cancer. Since I found out about my tumor, I feel like I'm walking around with a time bomb in my head. Weird things are starting to happen to me. I see people out the corner of my eyes, when I'm alone. I will think I see someone's reflection in the glass frame of my pictures on the wall. I have terrible headaches, and my eye sight is getting worse. I didn't imagine any of this, because I'd never even read about it until tonight. I decided that ignorance was bliss. My question to you is this, does everybody who has this kind of tumor need surgery?

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I'm sorry but i don't know how to get a response to my question, Can you please tell me how to do it right. Am I suppose to give out my private email? I really don't feel comfortable doing that. Please Help Thanks, Sha

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Sharon, this isn't the best place to get an answer to your specific questions. It's a very slow moving forum that covers general topics, not specifics.

You are best off to talk to your doctors and see if there are support groups that can help.

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The Doctors have not helped you and it would be time to look into alternative cancer cures and they are available but not through orthodox medicine

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To help ease your worry seeing someone's reflection in mirrors and glass you are probably seeing a distorted view of yourself. I used to work in a rough area and one of the ways I would check for trouble was to look in shop windows where there was a reflection. I could look at the reflection and see what was happening behind me.

Alas, using reflections in homes is a also a method that thieves use to case a home. If mirrors and other glass/plastic surfaces are placed by the homeowner just so everything that goes on in a house can be view.

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