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pearsthDecember 26, 2009

Hello -

I am looking for new kitchen table/chair set that will be very durable. I don't want something I am going to have to worry about things like rings from cold glasses or spills with.

I have been shopping online and finding things I like the look of, but my last experience with online shopping for a kitchen table didn't turn out too well. We bought a "hardwood" table with a dark cherry finish. It looked nice enough, but the chairs fell apart over time and the finish wasn't that great. My little kids banged marks in it with the sliverware and it dulled with normal use.

My parents have always had the "traditional" looking oval oak tables with what appears to be a formica woodgrain top. Extremely durable and looks nice enough in their oak kitchen. Would NOT look well with our light cherry cabinents and natural cherry floors we are planning for our new kitchen.

This looks nice, but I am unsure of the quality.


Anyone know of any manufacuters that make ultra-durable kitchen tables? Know anything about the Apa brand?



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hi tom,
i have commissioned a table after searching everywhere for something better quality than what is offered at all the usual places. i was thrilled with the price tag as well, since it is costing $800 less than a table i was considering from saloom (whose styling i thought was rather drab). the gentleman there is very helpful, patient and friendly. i don't have it yet, but it is the same base with a 54" square top. they sent samples of wood and finishes and communication has been great. i don't think they make their own chairs though and have heard while people have been happy with the tables have not had a good experience with the chairs. i'd see how they compare and ask about any warranties since they wouldn't be built by the same shop. i'm ordering upholstered settees so not purchasing chairs and hard for me to comment on that. but i'll post back when i have the table but i think i can still recommend them at this point. good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: clear creek dining tables

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hi ..

Why does the kitchen table and chair sets need to be durable for that space, well, it is because since you spend a lot of time in that space, that set ends up being used a lot. If you and your family is not eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner on it, then it is probably being used for doing homework, paying the bills, craft projects, or any other project that needs a large amount of space to get done.


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Hi -

I came across this post since we are looking for a durable kitchen table as well. Our "hardwood" dining room table from PB has not held up to daily use. Just wondering if you'd found anything.


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I am ordering one from Bassett Furniture that has a special finish. It's only available in their custom line but the prices were good. The sales lady said you could live at this table, put a cold glass or a hot plate down and it would be fine. The store room floor model looks great...and after shopping for tables usually the floor models are all scratched up. They also sell an insurance policy that guarantees that if they can't repair scratches or any problems that they replace the table top for up to 5 years. It costs 200, but I think worth it for the peace of mind. Anyways, I really, really wanted a table that we could live at, eat at, and do arts and crafts ect. with no worries. Best of luck...furniture shopping is stressful because you feel like you have to live with the decision a long time.

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We have a Bassett Furniture near us. I'll have to check it out. I have 3 little ones and like you need a table that we can live at, eat at, do projects, etc. Thanks!

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Hi there!

I am in the same predicament as you! I am in desperate need of a durable kitchen table--what did you end up finding?

Growing up in the 70's, my family had a "traditional" looking oval 'walnut' table with what appears to be a formica woodgrain top. It was so durable and looks nice enough for a kitchen. Restaurants have tables that can withstand knocks - I'm wondering where I can find one for home.

Bassett furniture had HORRIBLE reviews online.

All my best,

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You could try a restaurant supply store if you are in or near a city large enough to support one. Several years ago when my children were small we had an oak table with a matching wood grain laminate top from Cochrane. It was really nice and very durable, traditonal style with leaves. I assume Cochrane is still available, but don't know the present day quality.

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For those still looking, have you considered a quartz or granite top table? I have a canadel and absolutely love it. They aren't cheap but they are forever IMO

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My DH built an island with chairs for our daughter and her family of 3 girls. It is like a kitchen table with room for 8 people to eat at. They do all the things you can imagine at that table/island. It has a GRANITE SLAB TOP.

If you are willing to go put $200 into an "insurance policy" that will guarantee the wood table only 5 years, then I think I'd add that money to what funds I already have, and get a nice granite slab for the table top.

This table/island is already 7 years old and it still looks brand new. No wear and tear, no scratches, no discoloration. And it is GORGEOUS.

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I was considering buying a glass top for our maple kitchen table. That way the wood is protected but you can still admire it.

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I'm looking for a durable kitchen dining set too. I do have a formica (wood-look)table now, and it has seen us through raising 3 kids--homework, art projects, 3 meals/day for 30 years. But it's time for a change. I want something that's durable, but more updated than my old table. I've heard that polyurethane finishes are durable, but I haven't seen any tables that have this. I'd appreciate any input.

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I'm not sure about kitchen tables, but I was looking and researching for banquet and event tables. My wife has a catering business and we've been through a lot of chairs and tables. We recently updated our entire line and inventory through Mity Lite. They were an affordable solution for lightweight and durable chairs and tables. I highly recommend them, so hopefully this helps and cuts down on some of your research.

Here is a link that might be useful: Event Tables and Chairs

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Why is the first post dated 2009? Things have changed in 4 years. I hope she found the table she wanted.

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You can purchase solid wood tables with a catalized two part finish which are almost indestructible and look very similar to a sprayed lacquer finished table except that the catalyzed finish is very difficult to mark, stain or chip.

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I suggest something dark colored, that has a grainy looking top part. This will hide things like rings and what not. As far as the frame, wrought iron is always a good, sturdy metal to rely on. Hope this helped.

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