My daughter's forget-me-nots, going strong

alisandeMay 19, 2006

Some of you may remember a picture I posted a couple of years ago. It was a photo of our old well, a spot I had always planted with flowers. My daughter Jill, who died in 2001, had always loved my gardens, particularly that colorful spot.

After she died I did no gardening for a long time. Then in 2003 a forget-me-not plant appeared on the outside of the stone slab that surrounds the well. There were no other forget-me-nots in my garden, and our property is surrounded by woods. The plant bloomed, and then fell over toward the well, seeding it. The next spring the well bloomed in bright blue and white. I have no doubt the forget-me-nots and their beautiful message came directly from Jill.

This year forget-me-nots surround the well:

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That's wonderful. There definitely is a message there. How comforting.

Susan too.

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As they say, "life goes on", but in such different ways. And this is definitely a sign that Jill still exists, and she's still with you. I know she is, and how beautiful she shows it. I was given a scrawny little yellow rose bush after my daughter Erica died in a car crash last June. It was so small I had my doubts it would live the summer, and this year it is growing with leaps & bounds, and has a very strong scent, unlike my other 2 red rose bushes that I've had several years. I call it my Erica Rose. I know she's still with me in other ways as well. Me & hubby take off for short weekend jaunts from PA to southern Civil War battlefields. We always happen upon a cat that comes to "visit" us. The last one was in a used bookstore in Mannassas, VA. Last summer, one found us at our campsite in Fredricksburg and one on the battlefield in Lexington, VA. Wierd, but I know it's from Erica. Lots of power from the flowers!
Emma in PA

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My son died 19 months ago today. He had a climbing rose bush by my work shed that he took care of. Last summer it had one rose on it. So far this spring, I see 2 buds. I wonder if it will have a rose for every year? I also had one very large pink rose on a rose bush by my pool, that I thought had been long dead. These are ways that Joe sends me little messages to say, "I'm here Mom". And speaking of a cat. Joe died in Oct, and in Dec a "wild" cat showed up on my porch. I got this "feeling" that Joe had sent the cat. When I went to see the medium, Joe told me that he had sent the cat to me as a way of showing me that he was still here. She came every day to be fed and she slept on the porch. She had gotten very used to us but wouldn't let us touch her. Last summer while I was in Florida, she had 3 kittens on the porch. I gave 2 of the kittens away, and no one wanted the 3rd. I hadn't had a cat for years, but I brought the 3rd one in the house and kept him. After holding vigil outside the kitchen door for about a month, the mother cat finally left. My heart was broken that she never came back, but then I realized that the kitten was the one Joe intended me to have. He is all black, a boy, and he is only friendly with me. When anyone comes, he goes into the bedroom and hides until they leave. He jumps on my lap and meows, then puts one paw on my cheek as tho he's caressing it. I truly believe that Joe's spirit is making the cat touch me and love me. In those times I can hear Joe say, "I'm right here Mom. I haven't gone anywhere".


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Wow! Wow! Wow! How beautiful, Susan! All of your stories are pretty neat. Christin's signs for me come from monarch butterflies and deer.

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That's so neat to hear of all these stories of the flowers, cats, butterflies and deer. Speaking of the deer, while in Manassas last week doing the auto-tour thingy on the battlefield, we were kinda disappointed that many of the buildings weren't preserved and such, and just when we were wanting to leave, we passed an open field where there were about 6 or 7 deer. They seemed to stand there forever, watching me! Got a couple of pics, then I just knew Erica put them there for me. That was on Mother's Day, which also would have been her 19th birthday. What a priceless gift. Love hearing about your "signs".
Emma in PA

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That's a beautiful story, Susan.

By the way, remember how you sent me some double poppy seeds from your garden a long time ago? I threw them in my garden and saw nothing of them last year, and I thought something had happened, and they weren't going to grow for me. Well this year they showed their heads! Very pretty flowers. So part of the garden your daughter loved is growing here with me, too.

P.S. hello to socks, too. I've been away from the knitting and photography (and all GardenWeb) forums for a long time.

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Hi to you too, Wendy. I haven't been doing much yarn work lately either, but sure enjoyed exchanging info on that forum with you sometime ago. Seems like as my life changes, the forums I visit change too! Best wishes.

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