What is vesal vega?

corrie22February 11, 2011

I don't think I'm spelling that right.

A friend of mine is passing out, has a pace maker.

Her doctor told her she has "vesal vega", we can't find that on the internet anywhere.

Can someone tell us what that is?

or even how to spell it right?

Thanks guys


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I think you are talking about a Vasovagual attack, which happens when there is overstimulation of a major nerve (vegus). It slows the heart rate and lowers the blood pressure. It can be a result of extreme stress, pain, or heart issues.

I injured my ring finger, got the ring caught on a metal strip and it tore the finger open. I was okay till I tried to get the ring off and it was so swollen and bleeding so badly. I fainted, got up took about a dozen steps and fainted again.

If you google passing out from pain or stress you will find info on it.

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A vaso-vagal reaction is when your vessels dilate and your blood pools away from your brain and you pass out. There are many possible causes for it........dehydration, a virus, autonomic dysfunction, severe psychological shock, etc.. Sometimes certain medications can cause it. It mostly happens when a person is standing up.

I would wonder if your friend's pacemaker needs to be reset at a high pace.

In healthy people, our vessels usually constrict when they need to. But when a person is vaso-vagal, they stay dilated and the blood can't make it to the brain enough, and causes the person to pass out. I would make sure your friend is drinking lots of water.
Your friend needs a good work-up. If you think your friend's doctor isn't doing enough, find another doctor.

Passing out isn't normal and shouldn't be ignored.
Good luck to your friend.

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