does this sound like tennis elbow?

bumtomatoesFebruary 22, 2010

hey all, for a while now whenever i use my left arm a lot, ie gripping, pulling, putting lots of strain on it, for ex: throwing a baseball too much/too hard, grappling (rolling around on the ground using a lot of limb pressure), etc. my left arm (the weaker arm), will start to be reaaaaaally painful-- it feels more like the tendons and it is concentrated in the crease of the arm but spreads a lot into my forearm and upper arm. the pain can be realllly bad if i go pretty hard and ice does little to ease the pain. even just resting my arm on my lap in bad cases i will see the muscles twitching.

it doesn't feel completely localized at the outer or inner elbow and it's a rather dull but strong aching that makes my arm shake and it's painful to use it. there is no comfortable position. stretching the wrist doesn't seem to lighten or aggravate the pain.

it sucks because i signed up for jiu jitsu classes, and everytime i practice i'm ending early with really bad arm pain EVEN after waiting a week before practicing again.

my guess is that i need to take it really easy for a couple weeks and lightly exercise the arm to take the strain off the ligaments/tendons??

any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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I would suggest you not try to treat this yourself. Visit a doctor. It could be tennis elbow, but in my opinion it doesn't sound like that's what it is. You could have a torn muscle or a torn ligament or any one of a dozen things. Treating it yourself or letting it go, you might end up with permanent damage.

See a doctor!!!

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thanks for the suggestion oilpainter. i probably should see a doc.

does this sound familiar to anyone though? i should add that my muscles don't feel sore afterwards.

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Well, I have tennis elbow and it feels like I dipped it in boiling water.

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As the man said, see a doctor. Best thing for 'tennis elbo' is rest. Doesn't sound like you rest much.

I had the same problem in my sholder. Found the cause was the exersize machines I was using in the gym and the free weight exersize I was doing. I substrituted these and eventually the problem went away.

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