Rental Property Floor Problems

boystownJuly 4, 2014

I have a small rental and my last tenant absolutely destroyed the house. It was a no pet and no smoking house and she did both. I removed all the carpeting that reeked of cat urine. Underneath the carpet is a nice wood floor but there is glue on top of the wood. A lot of glue. Is it possible to get all that glue off the floor and sand the floor. I have a tight budget for this rental. Please help

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Depending on the thickness of the wood, yes, the floor can be sanded but unless you plan on doing this project urself its going to be expensive to hire a pro

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Thanks for your reply. Why would there be glue over the wood? From what I can see of the wood floor, it seems nice. Can I rent a sander? I have sander a lot of stuff but not a floor. I have a very low budget so if it is possible to sand it off, then I will have to be the one to do it. Thanks, Sharon

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Sometimes they glue the padding or even carpet down. Honestly its hard to say. Someone who did it could have had a number or reasons.

Like i said if theres enough meat left on the wood then yes you can. But you fall into a dilema of making it look nice enough to rent it out. If you have the skills and the time and patience then sure. But inexperience of a drum sander can ruin the floor in a mere second.

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Thanks, Greg. I value your comments and with no experience with sanding a floor, I will go to plan B which is carpet or possible vinyl planks. I have enough hard work to do at this house and my budget will not allow me to hire a pro to do it.. Again, thanks for your advise.

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The fastest fix would be to re-carpet. Glue can be removed by sanding or steaming, but even if you steam the glue off, you'll need to sand to refinish them. In a rental, I'd probably opt to recarpet.

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Weedyacres, thanks for your comment and you are right. I did not want to go the carpet route again but everyday the house sets empty, I loose money. Besides, there is no assurance that the wood floors would work out in the entire home. Carpet it will be. Thank you so much

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