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suziequeFebruary 12, 2009

Hi -

I am putting together a gift box (it'll be pretty big and full!) for my friend who has lung cancer. I want there to be a mixture of light-hearted things as well as pampering things and meaningful things. So far I have some non-fragranced body lotion (I heard that fragrances can be too harsh or that she might be sensitive to them), a music CD called Reverie, the book The Shack, some cute bookmarks, a dragonfly notepad, and a few other things. Can anyone who has been through this experience (either as a caregiver or patient) tell me what would be good and help her feel cozy in body and heart?

I was thinking about getting her a nice turban-style hat (she has lost her hair) but decided that that would be something that she'd probably rather pick out herself if she wants one.

Thanks so much for any thoughts -


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How thoughtful you are. A magazine or two might be good in case she wants some lighter reading. If she would be interested, there are some hand-held video games (solitaire, poker, etc.) that help pass the time.

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I found this list, I hope you can get some ideas from it.

Gifts For Cancer Patients
Gift Baskets
One of the best gifts for cancer patients comprises of gift baskets. You can make an inspirational gift basket, comprising of cards, soft toys, books on cancer survivors, and so on. Remember that the gift items should offer hope, encouragement and comfort to the patient.

Aromatherapy Products 

Cancer treatment, mainly comprising of chemotherapy, drains out the strength of the patient. Aromatherapy products make the perfect gift in such a case, providing them with the much\-needed rest and comfort. You can go for things like aroma oils, aromatherapy blanket, aromatherapy spa socks, etc.   

Skin Care Products

During chemotherapy, the body is exposed to radiation. This has an adverse effect on the skin, making it parched and dry. Thus, skin-treatment products qualify as one of the best gift items to be presented to cancer patients. You can go for body lotions, lip treatments and hydrating cream.

Inspirational Keepsakes 

Cancer and cancer treatments have maximum effect on the mindset of the patient. Cancer patients usually suffer from low morale and dipping confidence. In such a case, keepsakes engraved with a few words of encouragement can go a long way in making the person feel better.   
Scarves and Caps 

Chemotherapy treatment, administered in case of cancer, works to the detriment of the hair. The cancer patients who are undergoing treatment, more often than not, suffer from hair loss, a condition that can prove embarrassing for many. Presenting them with trendy scarves and caps surely makes for a good idea.   

In case you have a female acquaintance suffering from cancer, then jewelry will comprise of one of the best bets, as far as gifts are concerned. Crystal and pearl bracelets, diamond earrings, gold chain and platinum rings are amongst the jewelry items that are sure to bring a smile on her face. 
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Excellent - thank you both for taking the time to respond!

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