Buried brother on Friday, May 19th, 2006

mcheshierMay 21, 2006

I and my family just returned from burying my brother in San Antonio - I am now finding out a lot of horrible things. My brother was a professional bodybuilder, and so now there are rumors all over the place about steroids. It makes me angry to read this stuff - I feel I have to fight for my brother and keep his memory with honor and dignity. I have never experienced anyone close to me passing - except for now, and the pain is horrendous - sleep is good, I wish I could just stay asleep so that I would not have to feel all of this. My family is opening am investigation into the exact cause of his death - and for those who are accountable, let them be held as such. It really all doesn't matter in the end - my brother is gone, and NOTHING can change that. Justice can't even change this.

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I'm so sorry about your brother. Losing a sibling is rough. Take care.

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First of all, my condolences on the unexpected loss of your brother. I can't say I know all of what you're feeling. I am not a stranger to grief, as my mother and my only two children are now passed as well. I have not lost a sibling, but my feelings are that one should never have to experience the unrelenting pain of a death. I know what you feel when you say about going to sleep to escape the hurt. I felt the same way when my daughter Erica died last year. It seems like the only "out". Many people said maybe her or her boyfriend Danny (who also died in the accident) were speeding, had alcohol, were on drugs, yadda, yadda, yadda. I wanted to cut their tounges out! Turns out from investigations and toxicology reports that none of the above were true. Two other vehicles were involved and those drivers were at fault, one was high on cocaine. Just try and remember your brother as he was to you. It doesn't matter what people want to say, he is now passed, and what they should do is only offer support and their sympathy. Please keep us updated on what you find out, and let us know how you're doing. I am so sorry.
Emma in PA

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So very sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother.
It seems that unfortunately, some people just love to find negative and talk about it whether they know for sure it's true or not. I can certainly understand the anger and hurt you must feel to hear rumors about your brother who is is gone now. In the end, it really doesn't matter what those people say. The people who knew and loved your brother know the man he was and will remember him as such. The other people really don't matter. Try to remember that. When the truth comes out, maybe they will silence themselves and be ashamed that they spread rumors. Always remember him as your loving brother, regarless.

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I'm very sorry for your loss.
I lost my sister, my best friend 4 years ago to suicide. I knew she needed help and was unable to help her in time. I was living in AZ and was visiting back "home" in IN, saw that things just weren't right and was on way in the car to take her to the hospital. That's when I got the call, the call that changed so many lives forever. My nieces found my sister, she had used a gun. I still can't bring myself to think of what they went through at the age of 11, 8, and my little guy 2 years old.

You shared your childhood with your brother; he helps make up who you are. He will always be your brother no one can take away the love you share. You knew him in very special way that only siblings share.

Remember to try and keep your head up, I'm sure he wouldnÂt want to see you unable to get out of bed. I know I was there.
People told me over and over "It gets easier with time" God I hated those words!!! How could never seeing my sister again get easier? Well I have found out that it doesnÂt you just get stronger, someway, somehow, day by day. My prayers are with you.

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