I'm looking to buy Brazilian Cherry 5' width, best place to go, b

heartspeaceJuly 25, 2012

I'm looking to buy Brazilian Cherry solid wood 5" width, best place to go, best product? online or major retailer?

I've seen it at various online retailers, by major retailers such as Home Depot, and in a couple other places. I do not know the best product at all. I do not know the best online retailer or the best brick-and-mortar major store. I'm trying to stay away from local outfits as they seem to be disappearing. However I am going to need a good installer in the local DC/MD/VA area, outside and west of the beltway.

Any and all help would be appreciated. I found a very outdated thread I'm looking for more recent than a few years old.


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I just looked at a condo I may purchase that had brazilian cherry flooring. The floor underneath the area's that were carpeting was a very different color. From reading this forum it appears that when exposed to light the floor color changes. Is there any way to even the coloring out? Will the flooring ever get to a more even coloring all over? The reason I'm asking is that if I purchase the condo I'd like to extend the flooring throughout but if its going to end up looking odd I'll have to rethink things

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Check out Carlisle wood flooring


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All cherry floors darken with age. If you leave a rug on it and a year later you remove it it will be lighter. Panic time?? Not really leave the rug off and in about a year it will blend in and you will not notice it. Every reputable dealer, err knowledgeable i.e., will warn you what to expect. All woods darken or lighten somewhat, depends on species, over time that is why hardwood installers used to put a header board between rooms so you could resand the worn one without having to do the whole house.

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