What causes Styes?

grittymittsFebruary 16, 2006

Hoping someone has info on these darn things. Last month I had five styes on one eye...now have another one! Wondering if anyone knows why they suddenly appear.

I used warm washcloths over & over (clean one each time) then remembered hearing the "old Wives tale" about rubbing a gold ring on wool 'til warm, then rubbing it on the stye. I did it & they were gone within two days. ??


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They are an infection in the eyelash follicle.

Dump all your eye cosmetics, if any, change washcloths every day, wash your hands more frequently, and learn to keep your hands away from your face.

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Go to an opthamologist and get some antibiotics....you will be reinfecting with everything you own...pillows, hats, scarves, make up etc.
You have a staph infection in your system....best to get rid of it.
Linda C

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I've always done the gold ring thing and it works for me too. I don't get them often, and never needed antibiotics to clear them up; then again I've never had one for months either. I've also never changed my eye makeup except mascara; I've had the same eyeshadows and eyeliners for years. My guess is that they have something to do with stress and lowered immunity allowing commensal Staph to overgrow or get trapped in a hair follicle. Looks like the best treatment is warm compresses and if they don't go away within a couple of days, medical attention.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stye info

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Thanks y'all! Used warm washcloths & gold ring & it IS better, but am still trying to figure out where I could have picked up a Staph infection.

I'm very meticulous about hand washing. My DH had a heart transplant & due to his suppressed immune system was instructed in proper method of hand washing. Each visit, the ritual was observed by R.N. before I was allowed in to see him. Also told I would always have to be extremely cautious about cleanliness & warned that face could be a source of bacteria.

Disposable gloves are used when handling meat; counters, cutting boards, sink etc., are wiped down with bleach 3x's a day, and use my steamer as well.


- even keep bottle of waterless hand cleaner in the car & use it when I leave grocery store, touch money, etc. I wear no make-up.

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Perhaps the problem is you are overly clean, not being exposed to germs and bacteria may be making leaving us wide open for infections and diseases as the body does not build up immunity to things when kept in an ultra clean enviroment. This is said to be the problem w/ the record rates of chilhood ashma.

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We have staph on our bodies all the time.Staphylococcus aureus (commonly referred to as "Staph") is one of the most common infections seen in normal healthy people. We all come into contact with it daily. They are very small single-celled organisms and live everywhere. In fact, about a third of us have Staph on our bodies, usually in our noses, all the time and don't know it. Staph bacteria are transferred from our nose to our skin regularly as we scratch or blow our nose. On the surface, Staph usually causes no problems; but, if the bacteria gets into an injury like a cut, it multiplies there and releases a toxin which further damages the tissues causing a skin infection with redness, pain, swelling, and pus.

Cleanliness, good habits, and antibiotics can work together to clear most of these up for you. Consulting your physician early on for advice is a good choice. Often a phone consultation is all that's necessary.

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Are you often out there in the general public ?
i.e. public transportation, waitress? or might you be a teacher?

if you are in the general public, then stay home! (just kidding :-)

like a previous responder said, first level of defense, throw out any mascaras, etc. because you might be passing something back and forth to yourself at this point....

hey life is life... I used to get styes as a kid, alot (didn't we all?).. we played in dirt! perhaps you are fidgety and brush your eyes/face alot..

throw everything away; reinstitute a policy of always washing your hands when you come in from THE PUBLIC and that should help..

i worry how people even at work will put the soles of their shoes on the seat of chairs - then you touch it and wam bang you have some sort of infection.. if there are no chairs left int he conference room for a meeting, don't sit on the dirty rug -- your hands move from the floor to your eyes (causally, nautrally) but then you have an infection...

I got an infection through my nylon stockings, kneeling on the rug in a co-worker's officed as we were trying to figure something out at her workstation....dirt, plain and simple!

take care, should pass!

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I was once told (by a doctor) that a Sty in the Eye was an indication that there was an infection in another part of your body. Interesting huh.


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Hubby had one at the base of his eyelashes and the dr. called it a chalazion, told him to use warm wet compresses for a few minutes at a time a couple times a day. By the way, the dr. did pop it (that was a trick), but it still took probably 5 months before the redness/sore "look" was gone. Now he's got one under the skin outside but below his eye, more hot compresses, he was told. Plus, hubby has a build up of stuff at the base of his eyelashes (you shoulda seen it microscoped!!! ick) and so he's supposed to dilute baby tearless shampoo and soak/bathe the area with that in the mornings.

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Went to the dr for my Stye problem a while ago and thought he was full of it. But he told me I have a condition where my eyelashes actually create microscopic dandruff and actually clog the pores around my eye. So like the guy before me said. Get baby shampoo and a washcloth and make scrubbing my eyes part of my daily routine.. guess I should start tomorrow

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