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mike2305February 26, 2007

I have been testing out an idea that drinking more water, improves your health.

I intended to experiment on myself and partner by drinking two litres of still bottled drinking water per day for a week, on top of what we normally drink and adding a little lemon juice to each drink.

I knew my partner did not drink enough water, she starts work at 8am, and returns home by 4pm, and during that time only has one cup of tea. Often she feels very tired and will also complain of a headache.

I started the experiment and by 10am I had drunk two glasses of water. The first thing I noticed apart from having to visit the toilet was that my energy levels had increased.

By early afternoon I noticed my moral was better, I had an urge to do more, my conversation had got better, and I felt quite witty and humorous, and even quite happy. In fact I felt quite "hipped up", as if I had taken a drug.

I thought that perhaps it was just what I had eaten on this day, however the next day I felt the same way, much better.

My partner also agreed that she had felt much better, and did not feel tired.

There is no doubt in my mind that drinking two litres of water extra on what I normally drink per day has health benefits. I know that it enhances mood, and increases energy levels. What I would like to know is what effect it has on my body organs, blood ect.

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The only problem is how much it makes you go to the bathroom,LOL. But I think you're right,when i drink more water i always feel better too.

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Keep testing but remember that too much of a good thing can kill you and that includes too much water in the body. there was a recent report in the news about a contest involving drinking water to excess and a woman died doing it.
Balance is the key to everything, everything in moderation and that includes drinking a simple thing like water.

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