First time eye exam and glasses are needed

obrionusaFebruary 18, 2012

Im going in for my first eye exam at a local vision center. I know I will need to get a set of glasses to get my driver license renewed. My insurance pays for the exam but the eye piece will be on me. I asked the place Im going about how much to expect to pay for glasses and they said the frames start at $125 and go up. Now my step-dad gets his glasses at Sears optical in the mall and he swears by them. So I went online and the special at Sears is 2 for $99. I actually found several I like. My Question is Why is there such a price difference? Do you get what you pay for? I hate to pay $200-$300 for something I may loose. I'm terribly rough with my sunglasses and dont want to think how bad I would be with prescription glasses.

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One of the main problems with getting used to wearing glasses is getting frames that fit.

You can't do that by mail order. You need to try several on. Your step-dad was lucky in that he got a pair that fit him. My husband wears a pair that works for him....they came from the display at a nearby drugstore.

Now for me...nope!! It seems that my ears are a little farther back or something than the average person. The ear pieces are just not long enough to hook over my ears.

One difference in price is due to the quality of the material. Is it easily broken, bent, warped, or stretched? Those will be a lot cheaper.

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The main difference is actually the fact that it is customer service and the clinics fees. Plus most of the glass you are looking at are high name brands. Of course you should make sure that you get all the measurements from your doctor before you by anything online.

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Glasses are like clothes, the name brands will cost much more even though you may not find much of a difference in them from the no-name brands. Also, the quality of the frames makes a difference.

I get $300/year for glasses and use as much as I can for the better quality frames.

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I wasnt go to buy anything online. I been pricing Sears, Sams club. I think I will prob get my work ones at sears. I do Landscape work and need something durable. Sears had Caterpillar brand glasses.

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I have had really good service at Costco and saved a lot of money.
Never had a problem with the frames or the lenses.

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