how can I help my friends after loss of wife/mum

lookingforhelpMay 27, 2007

Hi, firstly Im very sorry everyone is hurting so much, big hugs to you all

my friend recently died. I was with her during her last

week. she was the most beautiful person inside and out

Her husband and boys are left to carry on somehow without


unfortunately I live states away from them. also although

I knew her well I do not know them as well (however I did

share the most traumatic week with them)

How could I best help them?

Id really like to do more for them

what really helps? especially for teens, boys and men

can I do things from states away?


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If you could write about your friend, telling what made her special and also describing specific experiences the two of you shared, this is something her family could keep and treasure, particularly her sons. When they get older they'll want to know more about her, beyond her role as mother.

You could also offer to be available via email if they want to talk.

Good of you to want to help.


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how much contact do people find beneficial?
is it helpful to be sent a little supportive message every now and then? or is it intrusive if its not from a family
member. anyone's thoughts?
I guess everyone is different..

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Keeping in touch with the grieving family is important. You don't need to be a family member to do this. Friends are a great source of comfort. I think that sometimes they are a better source as the other family members are struggling with their grieving, too. I hope I made sense. Carol

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I agree with Carol. When you are grieving support from everyone is appreciated, you cannot get too much. Do you have any photos of your friend that maybe her family haven't seen? I'm sure if you copied them and sent them they would appreciate it. I did that for a friend of mine who lost her husband when her children were little but I didn't think about it until they were grown and they loved them especially the ones I had of them as babies with their father. Do everything you can for the family, I'm sure it will be welcome.

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thankyou for your replies :-)

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