ringing in the ear

mark_e_boyFebruary 16, 2010

I have a ringing in my ears or ringing in my head and I am not sure how to describe it..Sounds like crickets or something. I was eating lunch with wife and kids and seemed as though I had trouble hearing them talk. I hope this does not sound crazy. I woke up this morning and it was loud. Thanks

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I take a lot of pain killers for arthritis and will sometimes have a high pitched ringing in my ears. It goes away when I reduce or eliminate the medication. I will say this, though. It doesn't sound like crickets and doesn't present a big problem in hearing others talk. I think if you can't trace it to medication then you need to see an Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat specialist for a proper diagnosis.

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mark e boy:

You have tinnitus--ringing or noises in the ear.

There are a quite a few causes. Read the link below and see what they are. You should see your doctor to discover the cause of yours. Sometimes it is reversible and in others it is not. After you've seen your doctor look up the Tinnitus society. If it is not reversible they can give you ways to cope.

Here is a link that might be useful: ringing in the ear

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You might have alot of wax in your ears. Can your wife clean them out for you? (baby bulb syringe with tepid water. You can put some mineral oil in them first, to soften any wax before you try to clear them.
There's other reasons for tinnitus. Sometimes its from congestion in the eustachian tube or inner ear.
I had it for years, following an upper respiratory virus.
Sometimes it can be a vitamin deficiency.
There's lots of possibilities. I would see a good ENT doc if it doesn't clear up soon.
I know it can drive you crazy.

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I have ringing in ears but I like it. It sounds like crickets
on a warm summer night, even in winter. I used to like those
sound machines but now I have my own portable one.


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Ringing in the ears is usually caused by high blood pressure not tinnitus. Sounds like the medication you are on is increasing your blood pressure.
I've found that a few deep breaths while sitting in a relaxing environment will stop the ringing.
Talk this problem over with your doctor and follow his recomendations if he has any.

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There are too many reasons why people get tinnitus.. Doctors will only guess. Mine started a couple of weeks after I hit my head. Some days are worse than others. Dr. told me that it's possible I will eventually lose my hearing but so far my hearing has not diminished. It seems to almost go away when I take my supplements regularly, mostly antioxidants and cholesterol lowering statin but I may have to quit that as I'm starting to get muscle pains again. I had it while taking blood pressure med which I discontinued after I read the side effects. I now control my BP with magnesium daily and my tinnitus is barely heard sometimes. If it's driving you crzy there are devices they can insert to override the sound with soothing sounds.

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I got permanent tinnitis from a medication & have had it even though I stopped the drug. Drives me 'nuts' listening to that constant ringing & my hearing is affected which I think is due to the tinnitis. Sound to me like the humming or ringing of a fluorescent light fixture I used to have. Ear exam showed no cause for it. Like terrapots, I also had a bad concussion from a fall to the back of my skull & that may have also contributed to the tinnitis. My hearing is diminished & I do not have high blood pressure.

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This problem is very common. I too have Tinnitus, have for about 5 yrs. and I don't believe it's from High Blood Pressure. There are many causes. Usually a blow to the head, exposure to loud music or loud work enviornment and lastly a ear infection and/or ear wax. There are very fine hairs in your eardrum that get damaged, if that's the case, there's no cure. Best to see a specialist ENT Dr. or an endocrinologist.

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