Grout not level with tile - is this normal? PICS

karennJuly 26, 2009

I want to gather some opinions before I kill the tile guy....

I know nothing about tile installation, we had to do this install within one week I didn't have any time to research - ended up going with pretty much the cheapest installer :(

I am wondering if it is normal to NOT have the tile and grout be level and flush? (ie: grout coming up to the very top of the tile edge)

We can feel the space between each tile when we walk on it because the grout is lower than the tiles.

is this shoddy work? should I have them put in more grout? please help!

click on thumbnails for bigger pics

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The grout is too low. It's not supposed to be flush with the top of the tile but it needs to come up to a certain point.

In the first photo, see how there's a beveled edge on the tile that is a lighter color than the rest of the tile? The grout needs to be even with the bottom of that edge. Just like it is for a small section on the very right of the photo so you don't see the dark bottom of the tile.

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thanks! i knew it looked too low......... anyone else agree?

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To correct this you need to "regrout", meaning have it removed and do it over. Sooner the better for ease of removal. (That's my understanding, anyway.)

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