Transition between concrete floor and tile????

ssmith145July 24, 2010

Anyone know what I kind use as a transition between my concrete floors and tile and also concrete and carpet. I'm putting my house up for sale and need help with this problem..

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A product called tap and track will work. You 1st will nail (using a masonry nail) a track down beside the product. You then snap a vinyl insert into the track that will have a shorter side on the tile side or carpet and reduce longer down to the concrete. You can get it in about 50 colors. Burke Mercer has inexpensive products...Johnsonite and there are others... Call yur local independent flooring store then go in and explain to them the appication. They should have some generic colors in stock. if carpet is on can get it with Pins that actually will hold the carpet in place. let the store show you. 12 ft will cost you about 20 bucks or so track and all

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