Dull Spots on NEW leather sofa

melissa809December 23, 2013


I bought a leather sofa back in October. I already had issues with the legs cracking for which the company sent me new legs under warranty.

But I just noticed some dull spots on the side of my couch. I had noticed them about a month ago but attributed it to the lighting in my condo but upon further inspection they are dull spots.

And these spots are more like random "squiggles". I have no idea what caused this and I really don't think it was me.

Anyways, is there anyway to make these dull spots match the sheen of the rest of my couch???


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Sometimes a leather sofa can be upholstered and look perfect after it is finished at the factory however depending on what part of the hide is used it can look dried out in spots as you have described.

What type of leather is this? Is it a full aniline (high end) leather, a pigmented painted leather. This would most likely occur in a higher end full aniline dyed leather as with a pigmented leather the surface would be fully covered with "paint". Does the leather have a waxy surface, wax pull up". It could be repaired in most cases with a good leather tech. You could try a conditioner but then the conditioner may interfere with the repair.

I think you said previously you purchased this at Macy's. I would call them and make a claim as this is really a defect.

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Thanks for the input. Yes, I did buy this from Macy's. But, I am afraid they will attribute these dull spots somehow to me.

I guess you think it is worth giving Macy's a call?

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Can you please tell me which sofa it is you bought, as I am also looking at sofas at Macys.

Macy's is a reputable company and usually has great customer service. I do hope they resolve your problem.

Again, which sofa?

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