Restoration Hardware Trestle Salvaged Wood Dining Room Table

nittanylion1December 20, 2010

Does anybody on this site own this table from Restoration Hardware?

I LOVE the table, but am always a little cautious when I cannot read reviews from consumers that own and enjoy the product. This table is completely unfinished salvaged pine. It is a soft wood and has a very distressed look...visible crackes, uneven parts, and even some warping. I love the distressed unfinished look, but what happens when you spill a glass of red wine on it? I want this table to hold up to everyday use and don't mind some added character, but wonder if anybody has put it to the test. Is this a timeless piece?

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I have worked on a couple of these, but fortunately, they were structural issues.

I think you are warranted in your concerns. I would not buy one of these.

Pine is very easily dented in everyday use. I tell people if they buy a pine piece it will get dented. Not if, but when.

An unfinished wood will be prone to stains and water marks. RH recommends using a wax on these pieces. Unfortunately wax has practically no resistance to water unless it is very thick. Water beading up is a phenomenon of surface tension but does not mean that the water is not penetrating the wood. One of the primary reasons for applying finish to a piece is to make a cleanable surface.

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RH peddles "lifestyle" goods. Unfortunately it puts them into the position of sometimes deciding to sell goods that are fashion statements and not very usable...much like the fashions you see on the runways....looks kinda good from a distance but not functional.

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I was in the market for a dining table several years ago. I looked at several lines, but couldn't find one that looked good and was well made in my budget. I ended up having one custom made from the following link. I couldn't be happier with the finished product. They are located in Virginia, but if you are in another part of the country, I'm sure there are similar crafters elsewhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Tables Made Daily

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I love RH. Most of their stuff is very well made.I have a finished RH dining room table and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. That said, I would think that an unfinished pine table would be prone to all sorts bad things despite being well made

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I have it and I love it! I received mine in early December with absolutely no trouble at all with RH and delivery. I used one coat of monocoat clear natural oil finish to protect the table and it turned out fabulous. This table is not for everyone. My 12 year old said it reminded her of the table she ate on while away at summer camp. I corresponded with juddgirl2 on this site who also had purchased and loved the table. She is the one who told me about the monocoat. It provided a water resistant, silky finish feel to the table and darkened the wood only slightly. It's exactly the table I hoped it would be. Search for juddgirl2 on here and she has some pics. She is a darling "girl" to correspond with and so helpful with my questions!

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i have the table, having trouble with warping and planks seperating from one another (1/4"), anyone else have this issue? seems like more than normal wood movement. RH said this was normal, since the wood is "so old" and said I could return it, but I would be responsible for shipping. disappointed.

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I own a RH Maxwell sleeper sofa. Its enormous and its fabulous. The only thing I think they cheaped out on is the construction of the sleeper portion of the sofa. The mattress was very thin and I had to replace it.

Other than that, I'd buy from RH again in a heart beat.

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I am wondering how the Monocoat Oil Finish worked on your salvaged wood table from RH. I am looking to purchase one also but am concerned about the finish. Has anyone had any problems with their salvaged wood piece?


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