Relentless Night Cough/Post Nasal Drip

wowibrugFebruary 4, 2005


I am desperately seeking information/advice about how to deal with my cough. I've had maybe 10 total hours of sleep sleep so far this week; fatigue is taking its toll and I simply don't have the time or energy for this anymore.

DH got sick with the flu last week and kindly passed it along to me. Started with the usual symptoms - fatigue, congestion, fever, aches, etc.

Current status is that the fever is gone, but I still have some sneezes and very plugged ears and post nasal drip that feels like someone poured a bottle of Elmer's glue down my throat. It just will NOT go away. I've tried everything- NyQuil, Sudafed, gallons and gallons of hot tea with lemon and honey, chicken soup, hot steamy showers, salt water gargle, baking soda, turning up the humidifier, sleeping sitting up, etc. Everything. Some of these treatments provide very brief relief, but typically just enough that I can get to sleep. Every time, I wake up a few minutes later coughing and hacking and gasping for air. All the snorting/nose blowing/spitting/hacking I can manage doesn't even budge the lump of mucus at the back of my throat. My throat is so raw from coughing that my voice has been nearly inaudible for days. My tounge has canker sores from all the cough drops. (Don't know why I have trouble with the canker sores and cough drops, but I have my whole life.) My stomach and ribs ache from all the violent coughing. I've had to cancel client meetings all week because I can't really talk, and I'm so tired that I'm not exactly at the top of my game anyway.

I've had trouble with night coughs my entire life. I've been to countless doctors; usually they just hand me a bottle of cough syrup with codiene and that used to put me to sleep deeply enough that I slept through the coughs. However, it also makes me vomit and have horrible nightmares, so I won't take it anymore. Plus it doesn't really solve the problem--it doesn't make me feel better, it just makes me feel stoned.

A couple of years ago, I was on vacation and developed a bad cough and DH called a doctor into the hotel. He basically said I'm experiencing very bad post-nasal drip; the mucus is just hanging out in my throat, creating a constant irritation/tickle that is exacerbated by laying down. His prescription was lots and lots of hot fluids. He said there is no real treatment but loads of liquids and time.

I am trying to be patient with this but I am falling way behind with work which is creating stress and possibly future financial stress if I start losing clients, and I'm afraid that my lack of sleep is making recovery even more difficult. I just want some rest! I'm not normally a sickly type, so I feel very whiny and impatient for even writing this. I'm wondering if anyone has any brilliant ideas or a miracle cure.

Each year when I get this I lose perspective at some point (like now) and panic and think I'm never going to rest again. This year, though, it really does seem especially hard to get relief for even a few hours.

Oh, finally, I live in a cold climate and I was a light smoker for about 10 years; quit a year ago. (Thought quitting would help this but it appears to be getting worse. Thinking about taking up smoking again. JOKING!)

I know there are much more serious illnesses out there and people here enduring real suffering; I'm not confusing this with those issues...just seeking some ideas/guidance/similar experiences.

Thanks so much for reading this and for any help you can offer.

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I have had the crap that is going around TWICE this winter!!! I know the nighttime cough that settles in.

This year for me, I also tried Nyquil, gargling with salt water, etc.

Plain old Robitussin DM has worked miracles for me! I know it sounds simple but it really got me a good night's sleep. It said for me to take 2 tsp, and at bedtime, I actually took about 2 1/2 tsp. so that I would not have to get back up later in the night.

Also - I swear by my humidifier for a restful night when that cough settles in.

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there is a good chance that you have a sinus infection now. Go see an ENT physician. I think you need medication that you can't get over-the-counter. I have a similar condition and once I got it cleared, he gave me a spray that I use several times a week.

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Seconding what PeeBee said....sounds like bacterial something has set in.
Another thing that helps is guyfenecin....there are cough meds with no other active ingredient and that increases secretions and helps your sinuses get rid of the bad stuff....also ecinachia may help....and can't hurt.
Linda C

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I say try benedryl to dry ypu up. Worth a try. A girl at work had the same problem, her nurse practicioner gave her this suggestion and it has worked.


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My daughter gets that nasty post nasal drip too. What has helped for us is to irrigate her nose with a lukewarm weak salt water solution. There are things called neti pots that are specifically for this, but we use a nose aspirator. She just leans over the sink and gently squeezes the water into her nose until it comes out the other nostril. The amount of gunk that comes out is amazing. It really helps her clear out the junk that drips down her throat. Good luck. I know how exasperating it can be.

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Why don't you try Buckle'ys cough syrup.If that don't work go back to the doctor.

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I suffered terribly from allergies/post nasal drip which would then degenerate into brochitis and then pneumonia. If you can stop your post nasal drip, you will probably stop coughing and getting infections. The "cure" for me was finding the right combinations of allergy meds. The most important thing is to stop your post nasal drip. For me the right combination was Allegra, Flonase and Singular - I am almost allergy free when taking this combination of meds twice a day. I would wonder why my doctor hadn't zeroed in on treating the post-nasal drip problem - are you seeing an allergist?

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sounds like you're allergic to something, to begin with. keep your sinuses on overdrive long enough, and a sinus infection is sure to follow.

can you tell I've got it, too?

this kind of impaction is one of the few times I'll reach for the Afrin- one shot, wait five minutes, the other shot, wait five minutes, then irrigate...and check for colored bits in what comes out... that can tell you if you've picked up an infection, or are just having a mucus attack.

take that information to your GP. a ENT referral may be needed.

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Maybe you have bronchitis? Have you seen a doctor? My husband has post nasal drip and what has helped is OTC allergy meds like loratidine (generic). Also helpful is a nasal spray called Xlear. It has xylitol in it which makes guck and germs slide away from tissues. Coughing can be a sign of something serious, be sure you see a doctor that checks you over carefully if you're lucky enough to have one who listens.

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I have been suffering with something like this for 15 years (I'm 45). I have "regular" pollen and dust mite allergies and have been getting shots for about 8 years. My beds are all covered with those special anti-allergy anti-dust mite covers. That helped a lot in general.

But any time I get a cold, it becomes a horrible hacking cough with loads of thick mucus, plus an unrelenting postnasal drip. Sometimes I cough so hard that I vomit or feel like I'm going to vomit. Usually it turns into a sinus infection or an bronchial infection and I need antibiotics to clear it up.

Right now I'm in the middle of this (and my second round of antibiotics...first I took Zithromax and now I'm on Augmentin for 14 days) and it is beginning to finally subside. I saw a new doctor who told me that I might acutally have a very mild form of asthma that only surfaces when something triggers it (such as an allergen or a cold/virus). It is called Reactive Airway Disease! I am going to get a full pulmonary test at the hospital when I'm all better to help confirm the possible asthma diagnosis. I don't have any asthma symptoms at any other time....just when I get sick with a cold!

Regarding the mucus, this is what I have found helps me (although it doesn't cure it): Do the sinus washing with a distilled warm water/kosher salt/baking soda solution twice a day. Spray your nose with something like Flonase or Nasacort, and also possibly NasalCrom. For bronchial problems, I use both Advair powder disc and Atrovent. You can buy Humabid at the drugstore now without a prescription. It is guafenasin and helps thin out the mucus. Something like Claritin or Chlortrimaton (antihistimines) might help, too. For really bad coughs that interfere with your sleep, your doctor may prescribe a guafenisin cough syrup with coedine. This helped me get sleep on my worst nights. Another medicine which helps to quiet a cough is Delsym (you can buy it at the drug store). But if you are coughing mainly from mucus it might not help too much.

Avoid dairy products as much as possible, this helps to some extent because many people say that dairy exacerbates the production of mucus and can make mucus thicker. I'm still not sure if this is really true or not.

Also drink more liquids to help thin out the mucus. I know this is a pain. Personally I wind up coughing really hard and peeing on myself because my bladder is so damned full from all the liquids. I hate that; it's so awful and humiliating.

I hope my suggestions help. I know it sounds like a lot of drugs and remedies. When your sinuses go into overdrive and over-produce the mucus, you have to try to get it to stop. When in doubt, see an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist, an Allergist, or a Pulmonologist.

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My 11 year old daughter has suffered with a post nasal drip cough all her life. We have done all the things listed above. Can any of you share what your ENT's have recommended. We are going to an ENT this week for the umpteenth time. We are looking for as many answers as we can find to help our girl stop coughing.

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I've had this coughing after cold for 10 days. This sounds strange, but it works. Imodium. I take 4 an hour before I go to bed. It's meant to dry out your intestines (remove the water from diarrhea) but it dries up all membranes, including throat drip that causes night coughing. If I wake up coughing halfway through the night, I take 4 more.

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I hope that you are feeling better by today. I also get
severe coughs with colds/flu. The only thing that works on my cough is Robitussin Long Lasting. It only has Dextromethorphan. Most other cough syrups have an expectorant, which only makes me cough more. Note that even Robitussin DM has an expectorant along with the Dextromethorphan.
Good luck.

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Lynne melb, I hope she is feeling better today, she posted this over three years ago!!!

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michelle_phxax, believe it or not, I've been sick for most of the three invervening years--and was sick from Oct. '06-Feb. '08 without a break! I've had a couple of bouts since then (and am fighting one right now).

lynne_melb, goldy, and TREKaren: unfortunately, dextromethorphan doesn't help with this cough. I wish it did!

All others who have posted here and sent me private messages since I posted my original complaint here: I'm sorry that I have been non responsive. I had a baby in spring '06 so we've had a lot of changes around here, and I really had no more information or advice about the cough until very recently.

I finally saw an ENT this year. He conducted a CT scan of my sinuses. The results were completely normal so he referred me to an allergist/immunologist. I had a full battery of prick tests. It turns out that I am allergic to dust mites, which is like being allergic to air. It is very difficult to control/avoid dust mites. (It is really the dust mite detritus that causes the allergy, not the mites themselves.)

Over the past few weeks, I have taken many measures recommended by my doctor and other research to reduce the dust mites in my home and when I travel. One major recommendation is to wrap your mattress in a dust mite-proof encasing. I have not done that yet because we are replacing our bed and since it's a king size, it is a huge pain to wrap it. Our new mattress is due shortly and when it arrives, I will wrap it before reassembling our bed.

In addition to the housekeeping changes, I have been taking Xyzal and Astelin on an as-needed basis, Flonase 2x/day, guaifenesin, and Sudafed (the behind-the-counter stuff, not PE). This regimen has more or less kept my symptoms under control. I got lazy about the Flonase over the past week or so and am now sick again, but the Astelin and Xyzal are helpful.

I diligently used the NeilMed sinus rinse 2x/day for several weeks, but I hated it and never noticed any improvement, so I stopped. My allergist advised me to use it when I notice my symptoms worsening. I am trying to follow his advice as closely as possible. I have definitely noticed an improvement since my allergy was discovered, at least in the sense that I now have more "normal" days than "sick" days. I am hoping that as the weeks pass and I am able to implement more anti-dust-mite measures, I will see a huge improvement.

Time for bed, but if you have any questions, please let me know. And I appreciate all the posts--both the suggestions and the ones that just let me know that I am not alone!

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I stumbled across this at 5 am, glad I am not the only one coughing until I throw up. sigh.

I've done the whole ball of wax - antibiotics, allergy med from the internist, then negative on allergy tests, negative lung x-ray, negative methacholine(sp?) test for asthma.

I haven't gone to an ENT because last year in a 5 month long process of my old idiot GP not recognizing something called "dry mouth," and finally erroneously telling me I had leukemia, I got sent to two ENTs, one of whom mistook my life long post nasal drip mucus for esophageal yeast and started the false leukemia scare. The other one did a negative ct scan of my sinuses and was annoyed with me for complaining about the constant dryness which is like a permanent sore throat, so I am not anxious for a redo of that experience.

(The dry mouth is gone. It was fixed by iron and B-12 supplements, to correct a deficiency.)

It could be that something has changed in the sinuses between then and now, since the massive coughing is new as of three months ago, but both the current internist and allergist haven't suggested an ENT. Also I had two colds in quick succession, which is what I assume worsened my permanent post nasal drip to this coughing state.

The codeine cough med makes my heart race, so I can't take that. I don't know if Vicks 44 helps with the cough, I don't think it does, but it makes my irritated throat feel better. It is Dextromethorphan only.

I don't know if the Flonase helps. I am blowing my nose less, but still have that ever-present mucus clogging up my throat I've been tempted to spray the Flonase back into my throat :-(

Mucinex doesn't seem to be doing much.

Does Imodium really work without, ah, causing massive constipation? I've never taken four of those at once in my life :-)

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Gosh, I wish I had seen this post years back. My son had a night time coughing thing and it too was linked to a dust mite allergy. He tried a few different medicines. Singulair works best for him. He doesn't need to take it when the air conditioning is on though ... because the humidity levels in houses with air conditioners running are such that dute mites can't live (or something like that). There are humidity levels readers at the store for those ineterested.

Anyway, for those that have the same problem, be sure to wash the curtains or blinds in your bedroom too. Get rid of bedroom carpeting. Wrap the box springs too. Pillows are really bad (and can be like 70% dust mites or something scary) .. so wash them. And be careful with stuffed animals. You child may be prone to the same type of allergies so you may want to limit how many stuffed animals she sleeps with or even has in her room. They are big attractors of dust mites.

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The info from the following article is not new (Sep 1999), but it might provide a little more food for thought regarding sinus issues.

"Researchers have found that most cases of chronic sinusitis are not caused by infection but are actually an immune disorder caused by fungus. In a 1999 study, the researchers discovered that fungal organisms were present in the mucus of 96 percent of patients who had surgery for chronic sinusitis, and inflammatory cells were clumped around the fungi, which meant the condition was an immune disorder caused by fungus.

Fungus and mold spores are in the air all the time and are commonly inhaled so most people have fungi lodged in the mucus lining of the sinuses. However, only people who are prone to chronic sinusitis will experience an immune response to the fungi that results in the symptoms of sinusitis.

They took the research a bit further and in the next study found that a fungicide was effective in decreasing inflammation and nasal swelling among participants suffering from chronic sinusitis. The researchers are hoping the study will lead to the development of new antifungal medications to treat the condition.

Although antifungals may be more effective than antibiotics--antibiotics make fungal infections worse--there are other steps you can take to lessen your risk of sinus infections by getting at the underlying cause. "

Links that might be useful:

Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis

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This all sounds too familiar. My sister and I are known as the "ahem kids" because of all our throat clearing. Worse in AM than PM and we both plan on a hour extra each morn to get the junk to a tolerable level. Mom says Grandma had it too but she called it "catarrh". We both have done most of the stuff described above with mixed results. Certainly dust mites are a problem for all but there is usually a "trigger" that sets us off. We noticed we were both really bad on Sunday and Monday mornings. And the more time we spent reading the paper the worse our symptoms.

But my hometown paper uses a different ink than her hometown paper. Looking for connections we discovered that the glossy colored circulars (ad page inserts) have a very strong scent compared to the rest of the paper.

Long story short: a couple printer friends think it isn't the ink but the drying agents (often cobalt) or the acidic alcohol base fountain solution used in the press. It prevents the ink from adhering to the the printing plate. It is easily absorbed by the porous newspaper. Some presses have driers which evaporate this from the paper, but with the fuel costs, most are just getting by with the lowest temperatures possible.

Madison Ave may not like it but at our houses the ads get tossed in the recycle bin before the paper is brought in the house, & the paper follows quickly after reading. Same with direct mail ads and (gasp) some of our more stinky catalogs. We both have been much better after following this regimen. Of course your milage may vary as we all have different triggers. Good luck from the Ahem Kids!

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Body pain may be due to chronic sinus trouble
Sep 22, 08-Reuters

Ongoing sinus inflammation, also called chronic sinusitis, may be at least partly to blame for the aches and pains in older adults, according to research reported today at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery Foundation in Chicago.

The research also shows that endoscopic sinus surgery to clear clogged sinuses can bring significant pain relief.

Dr. Alexander C. Chester of Georgetown University Medical Center and colleagues analyzed data from 10 studies (909 patients), which included a general, health-related quality-of-life survey with a separate evaluation of body pain before and after sinus surgery.

"We found that the daily experience of bodily pain was much more common in patients with sinusitis than in the overall population," Chester noted in a written statement. The results also suggest that many patients with sinusitis have aches and pains similar in severity to people in their 80s and those with arthritis or depression.

In most of the analyzed studies, there was a marked reduction in body pain following sinus surgery. "Having data showing that pain will improve after sinus surgery is particularly helpful when considering the merits of undergoing surgery when medications fail," Chester said.

"Bodily pain," Chester added, "is not listed as a symptom of chronic sinusitis in general medical texts or journals and as a result, patients are sometimes diagnosed with unrelated conditions such as arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Unfortunately, this leaves too many people unaware of treatments for sinusitis that can improve their overall condition."

"Confirmation that aches and pains occur with sinus disease," Chester continued, should come as a "relief to many patients who thought they had two separate illnesses."

According to Chester, more than 200,000 endoscopic sinus surgeries are performed each year in the United States using a technique considered less invasive and much safer than older methods.

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Does anyone with this problem find that cool/cold air blowing in your face continuously (from a fan, A/C, or strong winds) triggers the drip and then of course the cough? My boyfriend thinks I make this stuff up and that I have TB or something. But he's not with me all the time, and I know what my triggers are, I just don't know how to control it.

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Three of our grown kids suffered greatly from this & all three got super results using NETI POT daily while in the shower after seeing online video at Oprah's website about them. No more Doctor visits & prescriptions -in fact they no longer take allergy medications of any kind!

I've never used one...and am not affiliated in ANY way with them. Oprah may still have video available online, Google for yourself, or ck out a link I just sent to a friend:

Good luck in finding something that works.


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I suffer from heavy nasal drip, a racking cough and a throat tickle mostly in the evening. I do not have sinusitis, stopped allergy shots several years ago and have a healthy stomach. I nasal wash at least daily and use Nasonex spray daily.

What temporarily works for me is to chew a Tums and suck a simple cough drop. I've also noticed that there is esophageal acid in my throat and, putting two and two together, realize that the Tums neutralizes the acid and the nasal drip slows. I know there is a connection between acid reflux and nasal drip (the drip calms the acid) but I do not have reflux.

I want to focus on the cause of the nasal drip, not the symptom and get to the bottom of this. Has anyone else looked at the relationship between esophageal acid and nasal drip which leads to coughing, etc.?

I believe that there is a different solution for many of us though getting rid of dust mites will help.

Thanks and I look forward to your responses.

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I have had this problem for the last 5 years. About twice a year I'll start with a little cold and then this cough that lasts for weeks to months. One doctor told me I have asthma. Another said Pneumonia. But after antibiotics, inhalers, and cough syrups of all kinds. I'm still coughing. The Vicoden syrup makes me sleepy enough that I can get some sleep but my kids say I'm still coughing in my sleep. Cough drops will work for a little while to quiet my cough if I'm in a really bad "fit". I'm an RN and it looks really bad to go into a patients room and cough on their surgical dressing or talk to their family and have to leave the room because of my cough. My chest xrays are always negative. My TB screenings are negative. Allergy tests are negative. I don't know what to do. In between episodes I'm perfectly normal. I may go several months and not even a "ahem". An then it comes back. I'm so tired of seeing doctors that just brush me off and give me that "oh just a cough look" like it's not important or they could be treating someone that is "really" sick. If anyone has any updates or new remedies. Please email!!! Many Thanks. I'm going to try the claritin and flonase.

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In my post earlier I mentioned "Fisherman's Friend" cough drops ... only thing not prescription that I have found tht really stops my cough ... not those flavored sugary cough drops being sold. The drops I found in WalMart contain capsaicin (found in chile peppers) & has a mild chile-like "tang" to it but very mild. I also use Zostrix cream on sore joints too & it also has capsaicin in it (just keep it away from the eyes!)& works on shingles pain.

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I've had a chronic cough since running a 5k at midnight on 1-1-1992 in about 10 degree weather. I also have a chronic ear problem that has required two surgeries in the past to correct mastiodistis. I have been incorrectly diagnosised with exercise induced asthma that I argued with since sometimes I wasn't exercising, I had the pulmonary tests to elimiate asthma.

Every year, with the cold weather, I get a cold that progresses into brochithis. I get the antibiotics, cold syrup with codine aka like everyone else in this post. I don't run anymore so I don't have that but now I get sick more often.

So it appears that I should go back to the ENT to check why I have this chronic post nasal drip. When I was running, my friends would have running noses, but not me. It would go straight down into the lungs so I would have to hack for a half hour or so afterwards.

I currently have a very bad cold that just won't stop since the 1st of this year and am very sleep deprived. Last night while lying awake, I thought that the Claritin in my medicine cabinet would help but wasn't sure if it was safe to mix with the Musinex DM and Nightime nyquil I already took. All of the previous postings are the same, the tickling in the throat that leads into massive coughing. My coughing is also pretty violent and my body aches from all of the trauma.

As far as allergies are concerned, my youngest daughter moved back "temporarily" with her three dogs (two long haired dogs) and cat since the 6th so I thought it might be a contributor.

BTW- my daughters twins (3 yrs old) are also sick and their pediatrician found an ear infection that was causing their coughing problem.

Net-Net it looks like I have ENT and/or allergist to visit next. The primary care guy didn't do it for me.

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When I got a bad cold last week, the post nasal drip caused extreme itching in my throat and terrible coughing spells, especially when I lied down at night and tried to sleep. Neti pots, medicines, etc only help temporarily (or not at all).

In desperation, I came up with an interesting solution that got me a good 7 hours of sleep: sleep with the FOOT of my bed elevated 6" and without a pillow, so my sinus is LOWER than my throat. No more PND into my throat, no more coughing!

Can't vouch for any problems that might occur when sleeping on this reverse incline (too much blood rushing to your head?), but I was so desperate for a good night's rest, I was willing to try anything.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

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It is such a relief to see this thread. I've been fighting with one of these awful coughs at least twice a year for as long as I can remember, once lasting a whole four months, and no diagnosis I've gotten has helped in the slightest. I've nearly lost a job over it because of how debilitating my coughing fits can be, and I am having so much trouble in college right now--two or three hours of sleep maximum a night, having to run out of class every fifteen minutes to cough, and too much medication making me restless makes it hard to study! I feel like a zombie and I don't know what on earth to try next.

I tested positive for allergies to dogs, cats, and dust mites when I was very little. My doctor has also suggested I might have asthma, but I highly doubt it. My lungs are perfectly fine until I develop this cough.

Sudafed seems to work a little, but Delsym, Robitussin (both CF and DM), and Mucinex don't help at all. My doctor has also suggested using Chloraseptic spray or Magic Mouthwash to numb the tickle in my throat. Nasal irrigation helps, but I am afraid to do this too often--I heard it isn't safe to do this more than twice a week, but I do this twice a day out of necessity.

I have two home remedies that oddly seem to help a little, at least enough for me to stop coughing during a fit: the first is alternating swallowing a little bit of honey, followed by a sip of hot water. The second is to suck on a whole clove, which takes away the tickle and works better than any cough drop.

The only other thing that seems to help sometimes is giving up the cough meds for a night and turning to a bottle of champagne instead.

With so many of us suffering, I can only hope doctors figure out something soon! But it's nice to know I'm not the only one having such a hard time with this cough.

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All you need is the alergy medicine "nasonex" not sure of the correct spelling.. but just 2 sprays in each nose and after two days you'll never cough again.. I can't believe your doctors haven't told you this.. this is the worst cough in the world and I feel so bad no one has told you this easy fix.. good luck

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I am suffering from post nasal dripping since long time and i have no insurance and no govt help,and no job now, even thogh i paid my taxes 35 years in us,please help me to give me some idea how to fix this problem,i am 61 years old and have not slept properly since 3 years,i can only pray for you and you will be awarded by God.

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FOUND THE CURE (for me, you try now!!)
Every night before bed:
1. Rinse nose w/neti pot with saline solution
2. On-going prescriptive use of Nasacort 2 spray/nostril
3. Afrin 2-3 spray/nostril (can only use MAX. 5 nights per ENT)
4. Suck on Fisherman's Friend lozenge (use repetitively thru nite if have coughing spasms, but spit out before going back to sleep so don't choke)
5. Sleep propped up in sitting position.

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Try benadryl its best cough syrup i have seen ever you will feel relaxed in 3 days.
its dosage is :- 3 times a day

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May I repeat what others have said, thank you!! I finally know I'm not alone! I can relate to most everything that everyone has written, with the exception of those of you who have found relief. I�m afraid though that I've got most of you beat. I've suffered with post nasal drip and a chronic cough for at least 15 years and am truly surprised that I haven�t actually coughed-up a lung yet.

I have been to a holistic doctor, allergists and ENT�s; pulmonary function tests are always fine and I have taken allergy shots 3 different times (although my reactions on the allergy scratch test are always pretty mild, and yes dust mites are at the head of the list). I've had sinus surgery (so now I can actually breath), taken most antihistamines, decongestants, cough medicines and nasal sprays on the market. I've had chest x-rays and a MRI. All fine.

Colds and sinus infections hold on forever. But this year I got a new twist. With my last two, 3 week colds, which of course turned into sinus infections, I had a discharge that tasted/smelled so foul... well, I'll just leave it at that. I was told that I had a bacterial infection, which I got rid of after 2 rounds of antibiotics, each.

Currently I take an acid reflux medicine, antihistamine, Singulair, an 8 hour cough suppressant; X-Clear and still I wake up in the middle of the night with an unrelenting cough. I cough in the morning, afternoon and evening. Before meals I use Ipratropium Bromide Nasal Solution to numb my cough reflex so that I don�t have an unending coughing fit when we go out to eat.

I�ve been on yeast free diets, wrapped my mattress & box springs, given-up my feather pillows, got rid of my curtains & rugs and use allergen filters in my household vents. Thinking back over the years the only relief I've had was during summer droughts, and when I stayed 2 weeks in a college dorm with tile floor, wood furniture & nothing else. Guess I should start pricing bubbles. But instead, next step is to see a pulmonary specialist.

I don�t mean to discourage any one, if anything the posts here have given me some new directions to explore. We are all different, and hopefully what doesn�t work for one might work for another. Isn�t that the point?

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Hi Garden Web Readers,

I have been suffering from a chronic cough that started a few months after I moved from the states to Germany. It has been going on now for almost three years. It�s the worst in the mornings and at night, I also have random attacks during the day as well, basically whenever I am awaken. It feels like something is tickling the back of my throat and I have to cough otherwise I cannot breathe. I often cough so hard I feel like I have to throw up or I do throw up. I am having problems sleeping and I am so fed up with my coughing fits. Some months are worse than others, sometimes I do not cough for a few weeks but then it comes back.

I have been to many doctors and they almost always tell me it�s psychological, which I know is bull. I have had a blood test done which came back fine. I drink hot liquids, suck on lozenges and do not smoke. I had an allergy test come back positive for pollen / dust mites, so I wonder if it�s being triggered by those allergens.

When I lived in the states I often had to cough even though I was not sick but nowhere near as bad as it is now.

I have read through the posts here and am pretty sure I suffer from post-nasal drip. I am heading to the doctor�s again next week for about the twentieth time, maybe I will get some correct answers then but maybe meanwhile someone has some advice for me?

Thank you!

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I also have recurring bouts of post-nasal drip that cause severe coughing, almost exclusively when lying down. I have seen an ENT and was told that my adenoids were gone, I had no wax in my ears, but no allergies. (I know I have had problems with seasonal allergies in the past but they have improved though the years oddly enough)

The problem for me now is that my new doctor has just informed me that I am never to take antihistamines again because they would worsen another health problem. Right now I am home recovering from major surgery which has triggered the PND again. During my recovery my intestines have just about stopped working which has led to unbelievable pain. So I am terrified of taking any kind of narcotics like the only cough syrup I have in the house. But as I'm trying to get much needed rest I can feel the drip getting worse, but the coughing is very painful to my already abused and beat up body. I can't bear to cough any more. Plus I fear if the coughing gets too strong it will rupture internal stitches or dislodge the sling inserted to support my bladder. It's the second sling I've had since the earlier one apparantlay was dislodged. I need a quick solution to this problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Add me to the list! I got a bug June 3, woke up the following AM with clogged sinuses and laryngitis. The laryngitis lasted over 2 weeks and the cough is still going. I went on Zithromax, then Prednisone, using Hydrocodone cough syrup (w/codeine) as it's the only one that quiets my cough. Now PND is driving me crazy.
One suggestion I didn't catch, scanning through all the replies was a homeopathic solution. My acupuncturist (who also specializes in homeopathy and TCM) gave me Rumex crispus. I just started taking it, so will post again with an update. He is also using acupuncture to relieve the sinus issue.

Staying away from all dairy products is definitely helpful as they increase mucus production. I used to have to clear my throat constantly when I was younger, and thought that was just the way it was. Then one day I went into a health food store and was talking to the owner and asked him if he had anything for my gummy throat. He asked if I consumed a lot of dairy (which I did) and suggested I try cutting back. I stopped using milk on my cereal which I usually had every AM, then cut back on cheese and other dairy products. The results were almost immediate and one of the most amazing improvements in my health. I haven't had cow's milk (I use soy milk, frozen yogurt, etc.) in 20 years and have totally eliminated the gummy, throat-clearing issue. I only have a problem if I get a cold or bug, as I have now.

I stay away from nasal sprays as I've read terrible accounts of what they do to the nasal passages when used regularly. Try using a Neti pot - it really works. It does take a time or two to get the hang of it, but in the long run your nose will thank you.

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I have a cough 9 months now.I feel liquid drops from my nose to my throat,then it starts itching me which cause me to cough so much until my entire chest and body hurting,I have seen numerous doctors,all giving me cough syruph the most recent one is Robrissun DM,
I have also used anti biotic.

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I started with my cough on May 16th and still have it. Had an xray of my sinuses and they are infected. I have lost my sense of smell and taste because of this. I am now on antibiotics. Hope this goes away, it is very frustrating.

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Have any of you considered being tested for Whooping Cough? Unbelievably, I have just found out after 6 weeks of cough & various antibiotics that I've had Whooping Cough all this time. Mild cough during the day. Violent cough from 8pm-6am (lying down triggers it). Like many of you, cough causes me to nearly vomit &/or nearly pass out. Ribs ache, chest muscles sore, giving myself hemmorhoids from all of the coughing. Cold foods also trigger cough for me. Originally thought it was sinus-related, but nothing in there despite FEELING like there's PND (swelling makes it feel like it's clogged with mucus). Albuterol inhaler provides relief enough for a few hrs sleep, though need to pop in a few cough drops overnight, too. Now on Zithromax & Prednisone.

IMPORTANT: If you test positive for Whooping Cough, your child's pediatrician may want to administer treatment to your children, too, depending on their age(s) & immunization history.

Apparently, Whooping Cough is going around. I must thank my girlfriend who brought her kid to my house with Whooping Cough, later insisting that he "shouldn't have been infectious after 48 hrs on antibiotic." Oy.
FYI, by the time we are adults, effects of childhood vaccines are decreased. My dr recommends that I boost-up after I've gotten all better & immune system is back up in full force.
Best of luck to all of you. Hopefully the early posters aren't still coughing, 6 years later.

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I developed post-nasal drip after catching my third sinus infection in three years (from smoking, a big regret). I've tried all the saline solutions, the over the counter products, antibiotics, Claritin-D and so on. What I've found works best is Flonase but without shaking it. I don't know why but when I've used Flonase after shaking it as directed, it didn't work and oftentimes made things even worse. But after using Flonase after it's settled for at least 24 hours, it's done wonders in clearing up my throat, relieving my cough and allowing me to sleep at night.

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I'e been reading thru the post and I've had the same problem for years, saw all types of Drs, had all the test, I mean all and had the sinus surgery with no help. I've been an RN for about 30years and figured they really don't know what the problem really is until I read an article in Mayo clinic website that fungus causes sinus infection, PND etc. I kept cleaning my sinus out with the kosher salt, baking soda twice a day but also added GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, this cost about $8.00 online, it's an antibiotic, antifungal. I put 2 drops in a 2oz bottle(poured the nose drop liquid out)and fill it up with the saline solution so after I clean out my sinuses I use the nose drop twice a day to begin with, you will notice the mucous will finally turn white instead of green or thick yellow, when I get the PND at night I use it before bedtime. I have a site on Fb called "Your Health" sense I retired I thought I'd do some teaching on different disease processes there. I had gotten so tired of all the antibiotics because within a couple weeks the sinus infection was right back along with the post nasal drip.

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I had the same problem and went quite a few years without any relief. It turned out to be moderate to severe allergies to almost everything but mold. However - trees, grasses, weeds, dogs, cats, dust mites as well as oral allergy syndrome all instantly turned positive once I had a skin prick test. I am a candidate for allergy shots but, decided to try medication first. I now take zyrtec, flonase and singulair and after about a month, the symptoms went away. It comes back every so often if the pollen count is very high for an extended amount of time but the cough medicine with codeine helps for those times. I also get ill off of narcotics. I've discovered I need to take tiny doses spread out in order not to have nausea. It took me awhile to realize it was allergies because I never presented with what most people consider typical allergy symptoms. I never had itchy eyes or skin or a drippy nose. Just the post nasal drip which caused the persistent tickle at night. I hope this helps somebody. I needlessly suffered and I hate for anyone else to do the same. Take an allergy test and in the least, rule it out.

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I've had this miserable post nasal drip and rib-hurting cough for over 4 years. After seeing my primary doctor, who is an internist, ENT, had an upper GI to rule out cancer (I have acid reflux), allergy tests, etc, etc. they couldn't find anything that was causing it. Prior to this PND and cough, my doctor had changed a couple of my prescriptions. I started reading the paperwork that came with the meds, and discovered that one of the MAIN side effects was a really bad cough...hmmmm. So when I asked my doctor about that, he said "oh yes, that can happen." Well DUH... So he changed me to two different meds, and the coughing was cut in half. BUT, I still have the cough, mainly at night AND the PND. So here I am, with the rest of you, trying to discover how to get rid of this more-than-annoying problem.

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Oh Rdhd I so feel for you. Please check out my post in the link below and ask your MD if this will help you, too. Page down to the Jan. 10 post where I say the meds are helping. I will check back here to see what your thoughts are and if you want I will give you a list of exactly what I was taking and the dosages. It really worked. It really, really worked! I was going out of my mind with coughing and sore all over. It was definitely all stemming from my sinus. I hope this helps you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's the link to my GW post

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ME TOO!! It started with allergies, that turned to Asthma, and now every time I get the slightest cold or allergy season starts, the drip and hacking cough go on for weeks (once, almost 12 weeks). I too have done all the meds, and sprays, and herbal teas/lemon, honey, etc. As many have said here... NONE of them work for very long, in fact most Medications actually intensify it. So do my inhalers, I have the worst attack after a spray or two of that. Someone mentioned taking Imodium. Makes sense, because after way too many years of this, I finally found out that 1. GERD can cause coughing, so Zantac, or Imodium can and will help keep it away. Also, if you take High Blood Pressure Meds, ones like Hydroclorothiazide can also have a side affect of coughing... this after taking it for over 20 years!! This time, the honey, lemon and hot water are working the best. I also got an all natural sinus saline spray called Xylitol (?). But, again, after a few days, the affects diminish. Would love to know more NEW ideas... so keep sharing!!

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I have it and it's making me crazy. Been taking Dayquil/Nyquil, vitamins, fluids. I took a day off from work, which was not nearly enough. Feel like I can't focus on anything. Hoping it does not turn in to bronchitis.

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I can't stop reading these posts! after a long bout with pneumonia at the time Sandy hit NJ, was finally over it 5 months later, then developed another bad cough on and off with PND. been to pulmonologist, but fine pulmonary tests and was taking asthma meds but didn't help. to an Allergist next, and NO allergies. have reflux and he put me on a short trial with nasal spay "Patanase"and Acophex. this is after taking zantac, dymista spray & mucinex. my heart goes out to all of you with similar problems. it's so tiring! going to try the netti pot. btw, I get really hoarse after coughing and generally sound hoarse all the time.

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Keep up with the netti pot. Here's a trick my allergist taught me. It sounds gross but hear me out. After doing the netti pot, take a pea-sized drp of KYon a q-tip. I know, I know, gross. But sniff it just into your nostril. Not down into your lungs but just into your nostril so it lubricates your airway. You will find that your nose feels better and doesn't dry out or bleed. Between the netti pot and antihistimines, your nose can get pretty dry. I hope you are feeling better!

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I've heard it's possible to be ALLERGIC TO COLD WEATHER, and I absolutely believe it based on my own experience.

I know you're drinking loads of hot liquids, but you also need to completely STOP DRINKING NON-WARM LIQUIDS. In other words, avoid all drinks served with ice (like a Coke), all drinks that come out of the fridge (like orange juice and cold milk), and even avoid drinking water from the tap because it's probably on the cold side, especially in the winter. Drink your water hot with lemon and/or tea or however you can stand it. Do this throughout the winter, fall and even spring.

For me, COLD WEATHER and the associated winter DRYNESS is the THE major culprit causing never-ending post nasal drip. Don't let your throat and neck area ever get cold. Wear a warm scarf around your neck, even when you don't feel it's super-cold outside. If you're in a relatively cold office or house, put on a scarf and sweater and even a hat if necessary. Always stay toasty and hydrated. You're trying to trick your throat and sinuses into thinking that it's not winter!

This may sound a bit weird, but if you must spend time outside in the winter -- even for 10 minutes -- try to sip on a warm liquid while you're outside. This is important because breathing in the cold winter air is signaling to your nasal passages that it's winter and so they go berserk and completely overreact!

Always have a humidifier -- even on your desk at the office. I love the hot air humidifiers -- not the cold air one. Vicks makes a good and cheap one that is widely available.

Good luck!!

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My issues do not seem to be accompanied by post nasal drip. It just all of a sudden was in my chest, that raw feeling, then debilitating coughs to follow after about a week. Why I am so worried now is that the coughing is so severe that I cant breath in air while coughing. This would wake me up all through the night. Also the coughing is so dry and unproductive and violent that my bladder just cant take this pressure. I went to the hospital for three days because of the shortness of breath. but they found nothing, but did give me antibiotics, and a number of other things that just dint work on any of it.

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Debbie Coetzee

I know this sounds ridiculous, but rub vicks on the bottom/soles of your feet - it works miraculously!!!!!

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