Anybody with experience? Golden Teak flooring, Virginia Mills, LL

YelloJuly 22, 2012

Hi all,

We are first time home buyers, and recently bought a condo in Jersey City that is in need of new flooring. We absolutely fell in love with the looks of the Handscraped Golden Teak (Virginia Mills brand, and LL lists on its website this hardwood made from Acacia species) of Lumber Liquidators, but trying to be cautious after seeing some of the bad experiences that people posted here with LL products. Has anyone installed this flooring? How is your experience so far? (we can go either solid or engineered, not bough it yet)

The other thing I would like to ask is more in general with this Virginia Mills brand flooring: Does anyone know about their air quality standards in the products, in other words to what extent it might be releasing VOC into the environment? I believe it is manufactured in China, does anyone know if it is also finished in China? Or has any Green certifications? I cannot locate anything online about it.

Many thanks! Looking forward to your responses and recommendations.

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Flooring companies are proud of their green certifications and advertise that prominently. You will NEVER get a quality product or anything approaching "green" at the price point that LL sells their crap at. You can have "cheap" or you can have "green" but you will never get the two together.

"Teak" these days is often cumaru, which is a tropical hardwood that with a high moisture content that translates into checks, and wanes post install when it dries out. Be very very sure that you do the proper tests for moisture content on your subfloor as well as the wood itself. That means using an actual moisture meter, not just waiting for "acclimation" based on time alone.

I would suggest that talking to a local family owned flooring store to find a source of locally milled domestic hardwood, even if it's not "certified" is the greenest choice you can make. It's also the choice with the most impact on your local economy. It's also the choice that will likely give you the highest satisfaction with the material and install as there is more accountability.

Remember, condos will have restrictions on hard surface installs that include installing sound attenuation underlayments, so be sure you get an experienced professional to do the install that understands how to accomplish this correctly. Multifamily living installs are more expensive in the labor department because of the added time and materials.

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