Recommendations? low-R value acoustic underlayment?

infohound2006July 17, 2009

Is the Sound Solution underlayment the best option for engineered wood floating floors?

I like its low R-value (0.36), but the Sound Solution's STC and IIC are much less than one recommended by my GC, Silencer HD.

Sound Solution: 60 IIC, 54 STC 0.36 R, 7% compression max

Silencer HD: 70 IIC, 74 STC ?? R, 5% compression max

However, I can't find the R-value of the Silencer HD. Does anyone know? We're going over a radiant floor, so a low R-value is important.

And, is there meaningful difference in how solid an engineered floor would sound with each? I don't know if anything over e.g., 50 IIC is fine enough, or if the numbers still matter above 60.

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Discussion on R Values related to carpet & heated floors below. I don't know much but I went with the Floor Muffler for my floor that has an R rating of 3 but has higher ratings in the other features it has and the store where I bought my wood from recommended it. Maybe the article below will help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Discussion on R Values related to carpet & heated floors

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This article discusses that the low R-Value lets the heat radiate better to the surface and it is better to use a thinner engineered wood board also.

The Floor Muffler has a lower rating. I will post the specs in the next link before I head off to bed.

I saw no one posting to your message so I thought I would help but I am not a flooring professional. I am just someone putting floors down for myself that wanted a pad to insulate but also reduce noise and made in the USA like the Floor Muffler with the Ultra Seal. But I could be wrong.

Here is a link that might be useful: Low R- Value for Radiant-System-Floor-Coverings

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