Playing sports can lead to Impotence?

JikoimaryFebruary 19, 2011

I play Cricket and i am very much active and sporty. I play for state level and out my daily activity i dedicate 4 hours for cricket. I am 19 , healthy and fit. My friends say that i will be Impotent if i keep playing cricket for long time. Is this true? Any activity related to sports can make someone Impotent?

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They are yanking your chain. The only reason it would cause impotence is if you got hit really hard in the cajones, that might do it.

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They may be confusing impotency with temporary infertility.

A tight fitting jock strap can raise the temperature in the testicles enough that the sperm are destroyed. The body makes more all the time, that's why it's only temporary. The testicles hang down like they do because the sperm needs to be at a lower temperature than the body. That's why they don't last long after being placed in the female. It's a safety factor.

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Various problems like smoking,heart disease and neurological diseases cause impotence.Not cricket.

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Playing any sports is not a good idea unless you supplement because the sweat is a mineral soup that you are losing and unless you replenish those mineral you will start to have many problems. Find energy drinks that have 60 or more minerals in them not the common ones because they only have about 6 minerals. Put back the minerals you are losing and there will be no problem.
So the answer to your original question is yes.

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And cell phones carried in your pocket.

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