Dreaming of lost loved ones

kclvMay 16, 2007

My sister-in-law had a dream about my dad 3 days after his funeral. She dreamt that he came through her front door, gave her a big hug, and said "Everything's ok". Then she woke up.

This made me feel better. I have to wonder if it was just a dream.

Has anyone else had an expeerience like this?

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It doesn't sound at all like "just a dream" to me. I think if you do a search on this forum you'll find lots of dream visits. I've been blessed to have many from my daughter (including one just a couple of weeks ago), and two from my dad. These visits have a different feel from just dreaming about the person.

I think your dad is very much okay.


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I must ask my sister-in-law if she was aware that my dad was dead in her dream. Reading the threads about other "visits" was very moving and encouraging.

This sounds awful, but I have been wondering why my dad visited my sister-in-law instead of my mom, my brothers,or me. I don't get it.

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My husband passed 6 months ago and we never got to kiss goodbye but a couple of weeks later I dreamed that a man kissed me very gently then walked away as I called to him "please don't leave I recognize that kiss". I know it was Bob. My daughter told me that around the same time her Dad came to her in a dream and gave her a big hug. I wish he would come every night.

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This definitely sounds like more than just a dream to me. Since my mom died two years ago I've had a couple of regular dreams about her but one stands out so much that I feel it was a "visit". It was shortly after her death and it seemed so real to me. We hugged and cried together in that dream. That's the only expierience I've had like that since she died but I'm convinced she came to me to let me know she was ok and that I would be ok too.

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I am absolutely sure these are more than just dreams. Last year my uncle was dying. On a Thursday morning, he came to me in a dream. He was smiling and seemed to be telling me (without words) that he was happy but must go. The dream, if you want to call it that, was very vivid. He was wearing this old fashioned brown tweed suit. Then he turned and walked away. He lived in another state, and I found out two days later that he had died that Thursday morning.

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I have had many dreams of my mom. The strangest was just recently. She was lying dead in my dream and I begged her to return to life. She came back to life and said 'Duane, it's not good.' I think she was telling me it wasn't good for me to bring her back to life. I sure hope that was the message.

In 1977 when my grandpa died I was very upset. And was for quite some time after. Then one night he came to me in a dream, put his big calloused hand in mine and said that he was fine and everything was okay. I was able to get on with my life after that knowing he let me know he was okay and I should move on with my life.

My mom has visited me twice...and it is very reassuring...although I miss her so much...she was able to get messages to me that things are great on the other side. She said my name out loud in the middle of the night when I had gotten up to get a drink. Just one word..'Duane'...seemingly out of nowhere. I responded back....thinking it might have been my wife..but she was sound asleep at the other end of the house.

Then one morning after waking the entire bedroom smelled like fresh cut flowers...very strong...and the smell lingered for a couple of minutes..and then a brief whiff of cinnamon filled the air. She had to be in a beautiful garden and wanted to share with me! I am not afraid to die now...I am only 47 and it may not be real soon that I can join my relatives on the other side...but it will be a joyous reunion when it happens!


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My Mom passed away 8 years ago today and I've had several dreams about her...She had suffered for 4 years with complications from several strokes but in the dreams, she is healthy, so very much full of life....I cherish those dreams and feel this is her way of letting me know she's OK and we don't have to worry any longer....

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I believe it is more than a dream. I believe in signs
and im sure you will have a sign or signs in time
maybe your dad knew your sisterinlaw would pass the message
on, as she has. I dont know. its wonderful though, as are the above posts

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A week after my wife passed I had an intense experience. I knew that she was with me; I could not see her face but I knew it was her. That was the first and last experience of it's kind. Now, there's no mistaking when I've just had a dream, and this was not a simple dream; at least not like I've ever had before or since.

Likewise my son would tell me about walking with his mommy and giving her hugs. He never used the word 'dream' until later. Those early experiences were very real to him.

There are too many unknowns with regard to spirit, soul, and mind, to believe that everything we experience can be explained scientifically. They simply cannot. They certainly put life into a different perspective and make you wonder.

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the very night my father died, I had a dream like that... I was walking along a familiar storefont in my hometown when a purple Plymouth van pulled up alongside me, the same van my dad used to drive years ago. I walked up to the driverside window and my dad was visibly upset, mouthing the words "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" and giving me the I Love You sign we used to give each other. I gave him the I Love You Too sign and told him it was ok.. then I woke up.

It was the most real, peaceful dream I have ever had. So real, because I know he would be more pained by causing me pain, even when it wasn't his fault.. than the pain I felt by losing him.

I've had other dreams.. just simple things like hugging him or cuddling with him like I used to. They always feel so real.

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I am a firm believer in dreaming of lost loved ones and just lost my husband very suddenly. I still wait for him to come to me. My first experience was with my grandma. I dreamt I was in her attic and she was standing there. I looked up and asked why she was here. She said I never talk to her anymore (we had been close when she was alive) so I told her I would and I woke up. Now, every night for over 10 years, I talk to her before I go to sleep. My sister dreamt of my father after his passing. He called her and she picked up the phone and said "hi hon". He said he was ok. Now, my husband has, I believe visited a few people who he was close to, my sister dreamt of him in a white suit behind glass saying "tell her(my name) I'm alright", my sister in law dreamt he had given her directions to pick up my brother in law but all the street signs kept reading "protect" and "brother" over and over again. One of his best friends dreamt my husband gave him a phone number to get in touch with him (he was very into using computers, cell phones etc). He doesn't remember the number.

I believe all of these are spirits making contact with us. I am just waiting for the day he comes to me.

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Me too. At the top of this thread I told of one dream/visitation but I haven't had any more since. Our oldest daughter said that her Dad came to her in a dream and gave her a great big hug, I wish he would come to give me one.

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My daughter dreamt of her dad a few weeks after he died. He was in the kitchen and I was looking after him. He didn't speak to her in the dream but I think the fact that she saw him brought her some comfort. I haven't dreamt of him but sometimes I think I feel to numb to dream if that makes sense.

I did dream of my father shortly after he died seventeen years ago. He was in a hospital gown and i was crying - he sat up in the bed and just said, Shhh now it will be alright and lay back down. That dream felt so real even to this day.

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I just want to start off by saying, all of your stories have touched me so much that it has brought me to tell mine.

I posted this on a different thread but I forgot to mention that the same time I had my dream about my brother I was in my parents dinning room studying when the tv turned on and no one was home. I thought it was a fluke so i turned it off, then as soon as I sat down it came on again. This happened about 3 more times and I finally had to unplug the tv. Just then the tv in my bedroom turned and I know this sounds weird but I remember thinking "this is weird, but it's just in my head". Now I wish I would have seen the channel it was on or the show that was playing. I heard that loved ones try and communicate with you through electonical currents. Maybe it was a sign and I never stopped long enough to notice.

My brother passed away when I was 6 yrs old and he was 21. I was much too young to understand all the details. All I knew was, he was very kind, generous, and far too young to die. My mom always told me how much he loved me and cared for me. I am 3 yrs older now then he was when he passed. I was told he died of leukemia, but was misdignoised and with diabetes and that lead to his death. I still remember the day my mom got the call he died. She let out a scream that will be with me forever. I remember we moved back with my grandparents bc my mom couldn't deal with all the pain. One thing I remember the most was being in his room and always feeling like I wasn't alone and being scared. My mom always told me never to be afraid of him. So, soon after he passed I remember my mom told me years later that she went back into his room and she put her hand on the light switch and then she felt something cold on her hand, but only for an instant. She also told me that every year on his anniversary she has a dream of him as a young boy and then she wakes up at the exact time he passed away, every year. The only real dream I remember of him was when I was about 21 (around the time he passed) and in the dream I am walking alone on a desserted road with a bare field surrounding me. There are railroad tracks ahead and all of a sudden the crossings come down and there is my brother telling me to follow him. Although there are no words that are spoken but I still know what he is saying. He tells me to follow him to the cemetary. There all of sudden there are flashes of pictures that represent what he is trying to tell me and what he is trying to tell me is, he didn't die the way my mom told me he did. The dream didn't make much sense to me until months down the road when I was at a relatives house and my cousin and I came across a picture of my brohter at a younger age and I said something along the lines of "It's so sad how he died" and my relative said, "why, how do you think he died" and I told him, but the look on his face explained there was much more to the story!!! In fact it wasn't at ALL close to how he really passed away, but when I tried to get my answers I was only left with more questions. But one thing is for sure I NEVER thought that dream could be real, until I found out the truth, which leads to believe loved ones do communicate with us, one way or another! However, I haven't had many more dreams of him since, or atleast none that I can remember.

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Ilona, your story is very moving. I have no doubt that your brother loves you and is looking out for you. Were you ever told (except by him) how he really died?

My mother's death always seemed so mysterious to me, but now I realize it's because I was a small child when she died and my family didn't want to burden me with details. As an adult, learned that she had died from cleaning a rug! She had inhaled chlorinated hydrocarbons from the rug cleaner, a type that is no longer sold. The details were in her autopsy report.

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Wow, I cant believe your mother died that way. ThatÂs very sad.
I asked my aunt about how he died and she told me it was suicide, but she wouldnÂt tell me anything else. Which I understand as a child no one would want to tell me that, but you would think when I was older they would tell me. IÂve never had the courage to ask my mom about it. I once tried to ask her what happened and she just told me the same story she has for years. I donÂt know if she is ashamed to tell or she is in denial. The other day I actually told her about this site. Even though it has been so long, I think it would be good for her to hear all the other stories and not feel so alone

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i don't think it is just a dream. my mom passed away almost 2 years ago soon after my 18th birthday. i would have dreams about her often where she would be alive because they had somehow cured her cancer and it was all just a terrible misunderstanding which only made me feel worse once a woke up. Then one night i decided to say evening prayers which i hadn't done in a while, at the end i asked my mom to please visit me in my dreams... well that night i didn't sleep hardly at all because of toothache but the next day i finally fell asleep around 10pm for about 45 minutes. And my mom visited me i told her i felt like we were not as connected as we used to be, and she said yea well we don't talk as much as we used to ( probably cause i haven't been praying as much as i used to) and she told me she was proud of me and just to try my hardest at whatever i was doing. i asked her what she thought of my ex. and she said he was nice and had a good personality but that i should stay with him just because of her. (previously i had told a few close friends the main reason i stayed with him was because of how much i had told him about my mom and how it felt like he knew her even though he had never met her) Then IN my Dream i woke up and looked at my phone and it said 5:00pm i then tried to get back into the dream with my mother but was actually woken up from a phone call at 10:45pm. so anyways i looked up the meaning of 5 and 0 in a dream dictionary 5 "may reflect a change in course. It is also the LINK between HEAVEN and EARTH." and 0 "denotes timelessness, super-conscious, eternity. It also symbolizes God." But i am sure this was a visit from my mom because you can just tell by the way it feels you know the difference in your heart

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Hello all. All these post make me cry and remember. My father died suddenly on april 13, a friday. It has been around 4 weeks since his death and I am still greaving. I had a dream on thursday that my dad and I were sitting on a park bench in Ocean City, Md where we would vacation as a family alot. I knew in my dream that he was dead but we talked...I dont know about what...but I felt him sitting next to me. Touching me. I could smell his colone. I did feel him hug me during the dream. I woke up happy. I wish he would visit me every so often. It woudl make loosing him now a bit bearable. My husband believes he came to me but others say that it is just my coping with the death. It did make me happy.. I hope to see him again in my dreams soon.

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Yes, I have had this happen to me two days after my husband died. I saw him standing at the foot of my bed.
I spent 10 years trying to find out what kind of dream this was, because I have never had one before or sense. After not finding anything, I placed ads in newspapers across the country and got hundreds of responses and collected the stories in a book called Special Dream. They are really amazing love stories and shows how love never dies. It sounds like you had a 'Special Dream'.

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i, too, am a firm believer in signs. after my husband passed away 19 months ago, i have had many signs from him. everything from finding pennies from heaven in the oddest places to having purple petunias (gary's favorite flower) come up volunteer all over the farm he so loved (i haven't planted a single one since he died and i find them everywhere), to getting a whiff of his stetson cologne out of the blue.

i have had only one dream though. i never knew gary's father, he passed away shortly before we got together. in my dream, i looked up from my book and saw gary standing in our kitchen. beside him was an elderly man i recognized immediately from the pictures i had seen of him. gary introduced me to his dad, told me all was well and then they disappeared. i woke with a start, cried my eyes out for an hour and then felt so much at peace.

mapletex, i think the reason your did didn't visit you or your brothers or your mom is because he knew you were not quite ready. had my dream occurred sooner, i think it would have saddened me beyond belief. gary knew he had to wait to come to me in my dreams, wait until i was beginning to heal emotionally. although i ask him every night to visit me again, i have yet to have another dream of him. i'm still healing and i guess he knows that. :)

all of these stories are SO heartwarming!

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I have not had any dreams yet, but wish I would so I could tell him I love him again.

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i dream about my Al every night. Al loved to say look at the time right now its -- 1,2,3,4 and it's weird but i don't wear a watch or even look at the time, but every night (like a few minutes ago) it was 12:34, i tell our kids look it's dad saying good night to us. this happens about 5 days out of 7.


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my mother passed a suddenly a little over a month ago. About 2 years before she died we talked on the phone several times a day for several hours. I drive long distance for work so she kept me company.
Ayways, since she has died I have had three "visits" from her. In all dreams she is calling me on the phone and we talk about what I am feeling at that moment. The first dream I had been worried for a couple of weeks about getting some of my grandmothers things from her house. well I asked her about this on the phone in my dream and she just said, I don't know but don't worry about it. Then I asked her to call her husband in his dream and tell him to give that stuff to me.
In my next dream she called me while I was a work. I told her hold on I needed to leave the room because people might think I'm crazy if they hear me talking to my dead mother on the phone. Then I told her over and over that I loved her. I then asked her if this was a new technology that she could call me on the phone. She said no but she could keep calling if I wanted. Weird. Then last night I had a dream and I was talking to her about the coronors report. She told me something about blood. I then asked if it was a the muscle relaxer that killed her ( she died from being prescribed the wrong medications and they made each other toxic) and she said no.( I was convinced it was the muscle relaxer that killed her until today) She never did say what it was. THen in this dream she walked in the room, looking awesome like she did in her 30's and we hugged and awesome hug and I snuggled really good on her chest like I was a baby. Then I just went about doing whatever at her house until I woke up. These to me are lucid dreams because I know what to ask and have control over our phone conversations. You also cannot tell me that this is NOT my mom visiting me. There is no way it is just a dream. She must know how much I need her to call me. I cry just thinking about this.

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MY grandparents passed a while back and iv had a hard time letting them go. I lived with them a lot when i was young so i was very close to them. They would aways tell me i was there favorite grandchild. After they passed i cried all time and would ask God if there was any possible way to please let me see them one more time.The other night i had a dream that a strange number was calling my cell phone and when i picked it up i could hear my grandfather's voice through a lot of static He was trying to tell me that he loved me and that they were fine in heaven. He didnt get to talk long but i got to tell him i loved them so much and i missed them and he replied by saying i need to let them go and to be a good girl for my mother. I like to think i had a call from Heaven because it felt so real.

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It's interesting that so many times some electrical source is involved;
radios, clocks, & now cell phones.

I've heard somewhere-may have been on this forum- that the energy we think of as spirits has something electrical in its composition, that that's the reason, if our lost loved ones do communicate, that they often do it through something electrical.

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After the loss of a loved one, I drempt he came to me and was telling and showing me everything he could do where he was at (ie: he could think and it was somehow be written on paper, etc). In my dream he was so happy and excited to show me and let me know he was OK. I will never forget that and I know there is something to after we die......I cant wait to see him again!

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Its so nice to know im not alone!!! My grandmother died jan 2008. She pretty much raised me and my sister. As i became a teen i was to selfish with my own life to visit her. I hold s much guilt over that. On her death bed i apologised for not being the grandaughter i should have been and that i promise to make her proud. Now I have my own little family. husband 2 babies and 1 step daughter. My grandmother visits me about every other week sometimes more. This week alone she has been to see me twice.At first it was to just let me know its ok. Now its just to visit or relay messages! 2 weeks ago she came to me and was very upset about what the new owners were doing to her house. In my dream she showed me this HUGE screen covering her whole home - it was so exaggerated. My mother and i drove by her house on easter - they put a hue screen covering my grandma's fav part of the porch that also covers the window she always "peeked" out of.. explains why she was so upset! A few days ago i had the best visit yet! we were just relaxing at her home - i could feel her touch!! I had a glass of her tea and remember thinking man this is great i havent had a glass of this tea and forever nd poured me another. My sister came over in my dream and my grandma told her she was happy for her! which means alot since my sister if gay and just married and was so worried about what grandma would have thought. I told my sister and herwife about the dream and discribed what my sister wore.. SHE HAS THE EXACT OUTFIT I SAW IN MY DREAM. I am so sure now that my grandma visits me.. I LOVE IT i miss her so much... I feel so bad that i was suc a slf centered grand daughter.... if only i could back and hange everything... I wish she met my kids... I tell you what they say it gets easier but for me its not true its only getting harder.. i still reach for my phne to call her and its already been 3 years... I miss you grandma....

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Dear Mapletex,
I know it has been years, but I still wanted to hopefully make you feel better. I have always had dreams of loved ones who have passed on. Your father presented himself to your sister-in-law because while the thought of our loved ones coming to us in our dreams might sound good to us when we are awake, when we are actually sleeping we are our most vulnerable selves. Your father showed himself to your sister-in-law instead of you, your siblings and your mom so that it would not cause you aguish when you were already missing him and in a vulnerable state of sleep. It may be that your sister-in-law already had dreams like this or maybe even though she may have loved him too, since she is not a blood relative, it may not have come to her as such a shock to see him. Please be happy that he communicated his love to you through her and that he let you know that he is ok. I have personal experiences with this and know that your father's only intension was to comfort you and show you his love. Peace, Bettie Page

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My step-father who was for all practical purposes really my father passed away last February. I had a dream about him last night. I should preface this with saying that he was a huge sports fan which explains the setting. A baseball team in uniforms was seated for a presentation. I was sitting on the back row and there was a guy a few seats down who kept shouting "Da Bears!" I thought this was funny because of course the Bears are a football team not baseball. I was thinking this to myself, and decided to joke about it with the person next to me. I turned to make my snide comment and it was Rob, my stepfather. I gave him a hug and said I was happy to see him. He had a smile on his face. I asked him how he was he said, "aww, Bettie, I'm ok." I said, "OK? But Rob, you are on an amazing spiritual journey!" And he said, "yes, but it miss being there and and I miss your mother." I turned around to find my mom and she was there. I said, "Mom, Rob is here! He is sitting right over there!" She looked and she said, "yes he is still with us." I said, "but don't you see him?" and she shook her head no. It was his birthday this week and Father's Day yesterday. I guess we all miss each other right now. On a lighter note, I can't help but giggle about the possibility that my dad has somehow found Chris Farley.

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