Crusty toes

michelle_phxazFebruary 26, 2009

Okay, not mine, my husbands. It looks like athlete's foot and he used an over the counter spray and cream. That didn't work so he went to his regular doctor twice and has used the creams they prescribed but it is still there.

It is more on the top of his foot, between the big toe and second toe, about the size of a quarter. It is like a dry, flaky patch and it itches.

We went through what could have caused it, the cleaning product used in our shower hasn't changed, nothing is different, but it has been over a month now and it hasn't changed.

Any suggestions?

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Sounds like athlete's foot to me, its very hard to get under control you must keep on it and not stop till its gone. My Dr recommended Lamisil. Put it on about 2-3 times a day for about a month. I know, its not fun but you have to keep after it. I suffered with mine one time about 8 months!

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Sorry Catherinet, I forgot to mention he does have a dermatologist appointment next week, but until then I wanted to see if anyone had a suggestion.

Joann, he did the Lamasil, no luck, and he tried Tinactin, both before the doctor gave him a prescription.

Thank you both for the suggestions, anyone else?

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If it is a fungus he is dealing with. he will need to treat his shoes.

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Thanks for the suggestions, his doctor prescribed a steroid ointment that cleared it up. I use a 0.1% cream for my excema, he was given a 0.5% cream.

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