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hmoreeFebruary 17, 2006

I am really hoping someone can help me. I was recently told I would need to spend over $8000 to have my teeth fixed. This would include 2 new bridges, each with 4 teeth, a root canel, plus extra work. Now for that kind of money I would expect a fabulous looking mouth. But what I will end up with is a hap-hazard mouth of fake attached teeth. An implant is out of the question. If I go with that option, I am talking 2 implants (minimum) at $2100 + the $900 cap for on it. So $3000 each. Then I have the bridges that would have 3 teeth each at $900 each tooth. My question is this: Should I spend this amount (which I do not have)(also no insurance) at my age 55+. Or should I get them all pulled and go with an upper plate. Right now I am chewing on borrowed time, so to speak. The next thing I eat might cause my current bridge to come out. And I was told they can not be glued again and that they need replaced. I've looked into the AARP insurance, but they have a co-pay and annual max. And if you do the math, you really don't save that much with it. What other options are out there?

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To me it seems more sensible to keep what teeth you have as long as you can. Many people have bridges and crowns that work fine and look fine.

The expense is rough, but you will need your teeth for decades more, so it's good you are taking care of them.

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I did the implant (at age 61) and it is just like my own tooth. Only better: the root is steel! No cavities. And I didn't have to ruin other teeth for it. I certainly would explore this a little more. The cost is not all up front; the implant takes several months, and you can pay as you go. I would do it again. Good luck; maybe another opinion?

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I had a friend who decided (after spending a lot of money) to get them pulled (I think she was 35). She says it was the best thing she ever did. Her teeth finally LOOK good. She is no longer sick all the time from tooth pain. BUT you are the only one who can decide what is best for you.


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I had all my top teeth pulled and had a plate which I hated and it drove me crazy!!! It gagged me all the time and made me throw up.
Then my dentist told me about this new thing that had came out that he thought I would like.
I know have 8 Titan Steel Posts in my top gums and they match up with ones put in my plate. The best part is with this one he could cut out most of the plate that bothered me so much and I can eat anyhting and it wasn't very painful at all and I have had these 3 yrs. now. It cost me about 2,500, but he let me make payments.
I love this new thing! My teeth are beautiful too.

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I've had full dentures on the top for a long, long time and a partial on the bottom. Partials seem to be a problem once you age as the gums shrink and there isn't much left to help hold them. I'm happy with the top dentures. Usually when they make you gag, it is because they go a little too far back. When the dentist removes just a wee bit of that the problem is over.

Good luck

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Well to avoid spending much money.. i decide to have dentures. Having a good dentist is a plus for me. He mad a very good denture it feels like its my own teeth.

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At 81 I've got two bridges with a 'fake' tooth in the middle of each and a crown on each side and more crowns than I can count (8? 10? 12? - can't remember). Over the years I've spent a heck of a lot more than $8,000 and let me tell you it's worth every cent, tough as it was to come up with the money (I never had dental insurance). They look great, they feel like my own teeth, not fake at all. And I can bite down on hard toffee or corn on the cob or a hard apple. I can even open tough medicine bottles with my teeth though that my dentist doesn't approve of.
And though my teeth were never good, the only ones that I've lost so far are the two that have bridges and a third year molar. I hope to take the whole set with me when I go!

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