how would you layout furniture in this super long room

gfoakDecember 28, 2009

I am blessed with an enormous living room, but can't figure out how to best make use of the space. We may be able to buy some new furniture this year, which has me playing with room layouts.

This is what we've got:

room layout.

It's 22' long by 14' wide. It has an 8' picture window at one end and an 8' opening to the next room at the other end. Our tv stand is 20"x44". The fireplace is about 6' across.

The pic shows our current layout. I am considering maybe putting the tv opposite of the fireplace, with two big couches against the wall that has the fireplace. I'm concerned that isn't conducive to talking and might feel lopsided. What would you do with this room?

I don't expect this to be a popular topic but thought I'd try asking nonetheless.

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Please post this question over in the home decorating forum. I think you may get more action over there..I'm looking forward to the responses as I have a similar situation:)

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It would be helpful to have an elevation drawing of the wall with the fireplace, in order to show the space under the windows and the space above the fireplace. Is there any possibility of mounting a TV above the fireplace? Traditionally, the fireplace should be a focal point, but obviously you have the TV competing with it.

What rooms are beyond the two doorways? I'm assuming the smaller doorway does not have a door.

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You don't say what room is next through the 8' opening. It could be important in how you use this LR. If you put the tv opposite the fireplace, try putting the sofas facing each other to the sides of the fireplace and tv. Put the coffee table between them. If you try this, then depending on the sizes of the pieces you move and how you like that layout, I may have some other suggestions for what you could do with your leftover spaces. I agree you may get more answers if you post at the decorator forum.

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