wide plank dark floors with no red

fish0880July 24, 2014

hello all,
we're planning our first build and have been struggling to find dark brown wide plank hardwood flooring (with a matte finish) that doesn't have a red tint or cast to it. we've found several that are close, but they all have a reddish color to them. i'm hoping someone out there can recommend a certain brand that we might have missed. i'll attach a picture to show the look/style we are trying to find. any help would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance!

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What about walnut? It's golden, not reddish.

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Or a dark stained white oak?

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I use DuraSeal stains. Different brands carry different colors, names,etc. but i would try Antique Brown. Its dark and rich and no red. Water pop it and it becomes even stronger in color. Coffee Brown is darker. Thing about dark colors is they add red to combat the greenish undertones that appear.

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thank you for the replies! i will look into those options. we were hoping to find it pre-stained and ready for install but i'm thinking we'll have to stain it to get the color we want.
it's so frustrating when you know exactly what you want but can't find it. :-/

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Have you found a professional yet? Best bet if you have not yet is to find someone and see what they can show you for prefinish. Most pros have certain brands that they can readily get easily and for a good price but they also have resources to find just about anything you can imagine. But of course they can also custom stain your floor but that would be finishing on site.

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We had the same goal and went with a site finished engineered white oak. It has a thicker veneer so we can change the color when we're tired of it. Apparently maple is a good choice too but lacked any graininess.

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thank you! we went to various flooring stores in our area and they all carried the same brands/types and really couldn't provide any good alternatives. we're in a pretty rural area and for the most part, every thing is (for lack of better term) cookie-cutter. we've been met with resistance when it comes to layout, materials, etc. because they weren't what is typically used in this area. i was lucky enough in one of my thousands of google searches to come across www.heidelbergflooring.com. imagine my surprise when i found out they are 30 minutes from my house! thank you gregmills for mentioning water popping. i just started looking into installing unfinished flooring and had never heard that term. after doing several searches on it and looking at some dark flooring that had been water popped, that's exactly what i'm going to request our builder to do. it may be something he does already, but thanks to you i know to ask for it. :) aprilh....i'm with you on the white oak. the more i've looked at the two, the more i like the graininess of the oak! i think that's what we're going to go with!

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