I FINALLY found one.........

bryansdaMarch 22, 2012

Walked into a consignment shop today and found an 18qt Nesco roaster. It's the non-stick cookwell and looks like it's hardly been used. Now I hope my daughter will use it....LOL.

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I just love a good bargain. :-)

You may want to do a temperature test to make sure it's working properly (the instructions are included at the link below). And how about some recipes for even more inspiration!!! The NESCO web site has a bunch of them: http://www.nesco.com/recipes/


Here is a link that might be useful: How to Test a Roaster Oven's Temperature

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What a good find, I love it when that happens. I have an 18 quart and a 6 quart, I use the smaller one a lot and the bigger one for roasting turkey, ham, making big batches of baked beans or scalloped potatoes for fmaily parties. I made leg of lamb one year for Elery and the stuff smells horrible, so I put the Nesco on the back porch and it cooked happily away out there without smelling up the house, LOL.

I've baked brownies and muffins in the Nesco and it's great for the summer time, baking and roasting without heating up the oven.

Love, love, love the Nesco, I hope your daughter does too.


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Girls I have an 18qt and a 6qt of my own, but have been looking for months for one for my daughter. I'm sure she would prefer the 6qt, but IF she will try it the 18qt will work for her. She cooks for 4 all the time and 6 or more on the weekends so I don't think the larger one will be too big.
Thanks grainlady for the temperature test, I may do that with mine also. Annie I need to try baking in my roasters too. Is there a trick to doing it right?

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Great find. I love my 6 qt. I've been thinking I need an 18 qt. My last one was ancient and I used it to sterilize potting soil.

Lol, Annie...I keep mine on on the back porch, too. We just went through the pantry to clean out potatoes, onions and garlic. Last weekend I made a potful of caramelized onions for a batch of French onion soup....definitely back porch fare.

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bryansda, I haven't tried anything like yeast bread, I'm picky about browning and crust, but muffins and brownies I put in the muffin tin or my 8 inch square metal pan, and set the filled pan on the rack of the Nesco.

I preheat the Nesco and then take off the lid, put the muffins/etc in on the rack and then replace the lid and I don't fiddle around because the heat loss is fast and substantial.

Don't peek until the end of the baking time, and it works like a charm. I learned it the hard way when I had promised brownies for a bake sale and the oven quit. The Nesco was sitting there and I figured it couldn't hurt. Fortunately, it worked just fine.

KatieC, anything "stinky" can go right on the back deck, it's one of my favorite features, LOL.


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Thanks Annie. I'll be sure and tell my daughter to try baking in it too.

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