rgreen1357February 20, 2007

I get really bad cramps during every period and was wondering if anybody had any good suggestions. I have tried some homeopathic stuff but nothing really works except for Advil. I am opposed to this drug however as taking it a lot it not good for you. I want a more natural approach.


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Have you had a good check up by a GYN doctor recently? Sometimes there is a reason for cramping. Sometimes it's just one of those things that we have to put up with. At least it's just for a few days.

I found that walking was very helpful. I didn't have to walk fast, but the movement seemed to ease those muscles. You may find that Aleve works better than Advil. Take it before you really start hurting and you won't need as much. It doesn't seem to have any long term side effects either.

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I had the worst cramps that would put me out of commission for two days every month. Since I am on the pill, my GYN suggested that I take them continuously without taking the placebo on the 4th week. It took about three months to get to where I had no periods at all, and several different prescriptions to figure out which pill works best for me (Ortho Tri-Cyclen; anything else and I would spot for a day or two). I have been on this regimen for over 4 years.

I have had no side effects, no PMS, no cramps, and it has been the answer I desperately needed. If you are on the pill, I suggest it highly if your GYN agrees.

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