The price of drugs.............

ruthannFebruary 23, 2005

Hi, I just found out the price of an antibiotic my husband is taking. I couldn't believe it at first. It is Zyvox and it cost $4500 a month. He takes 2 a day and will for the rest of his life. Thank God for insurance! I hated paying the $5 copay until I found out what it actually cost. Ridiculous, isn't it? RAA

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I'm glad you have the insurance for him!

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Just curious...why would he have to take an antibiotic for the rest of his life? Thank heavens you have insurance.

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He takes an anti. because he was in a car accident 3 yrs ago, crushed hip, had hip replacement, developed infection and had it removed. Had another hip replacement and now has to take the anti. for the rest of his life. Can't get rid of infection, it'll always be there. 2 months ago he was taking 28 medicines a day, went on a sit down strike for 4 days and didn't take anything. Dr convinced him to take 15 of them. Neverending problems. RAA

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Yes, bone infections can be unbelievable! Let's hope that the antibiotic can clear things up enough that his hip will work. I think, but I am not sure, that Zyvox has a generic form in case the insurance ever gets tacky about paying for it. You might want to ask and see if it is available.

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