i'm not sure about this..

dcrowexApril 15, 2005

My DH, always ALWAYS a motorcycle lover is thinking of running his bike at the dragstrip tomorrow. he has not done this in many years. he is 55 now. his buddy has been racing for years and my DH travels around with him when he goes to races. i am sure this buddy has been "agging" him on. My DH has a very fast bike. BUT he is an excellent rider, very cautious. These are those strips where they take off and just go straight. something about him maybe reaching 140+ mph worries me. i just dont know anything about this stuff. i told him i was coming but he said, no, LOL, he doesnt need me worrying about this and besides, its just the guys. think he'll be ok if he decides to do this? he may back out and just watch his buddy race. i dont want to dampen his spirits but i dont have that warm fuzzy on this.


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I am so sorry, i posted this in the wrong forum.

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Deb, even though you said you posted this on the wrong forum, I'll answer you. First of all, did he do it????
If my husband was wanting to do this, I'd be FREAKING out, but I am definitely a worry wort. I always see possible danger in anything just the lease bit risky. Sometimes I wish I wasn't that way, but that's me.
I hope if he did/does it, all will be well.
Let us know.

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