jayks1April 10, 2009


I lost my dad March 2, 2009. My dad stayed home from work that day due to a snowstorm. I took my mom to work and I also worked that day. When we got home the snowblower was running in the driveway and I brushed some snow off my car. I went onto the porch and heard my mom yell inside, I went into the kitchen and saw my dad laying on the floor, it was too late!!! He was only 58 and wasn't ill. He loved the outdoors,hunting,fishing and gardening. He would always say "You'll miss me when I'm not around" when we would get after him. He was right again, I just wish we could have spent many more years together!!! We Miss You!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm so sorry for your loss. My mom died in her sleep on November 25, 2008 and it was compleately out of the blue. Its been almost 5 months and I just don't know what to do without her. The only advise that I can give you is to pray and ask God to just carry your load and that of your family. I think somedays its the only thing that can get me through another day. I will pray for you. I hope we both have brighter days again someday.

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