wclindsayJanuary 28, 2009

I had Lasik surgery about eight year ago. I am now 67 years old. Has anyone had Crystal Lens implants for cataracts after having had the Lasik Surgery? If so, has anybody had any complications under these conditions? I have been advised that simple lens replacement would be best. Bill

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Curious why did you have lasik ???
I read about a new eyedrops in Poplar Science magazine. Im a long time subscriber.
I had surgery one eye at a time. Years apart. I was so very nearsighted.
Now cataracts are making life not so pleasant. Im hoping that the eyedrops will help. I dont want any more surgeries. Unless it can make wrinkles disappear> magically and cheaply. LOL
I personally never heard about crystal implants. Isnt it hell getting older and being a senior???? I know...... others say......"'think of the alternative"

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