I lost my 12yr old son

monaclareApril 28, 2009

Hello eveyone. I lost my 12yr old son on 12/31/08. I'm having a hard time dealing with his death. Not only was he my son, but a close companion. We had a very close relationship. He pretended to hang himself to scare me and it went terribly wrong. He did it with shoelaces, and they were just under his chin. Just enough to cover his arteries. (not wraped around his neck) I am trying to find ways to cope. I am looking for any suggestions that may help me through this difficult time. I am getting professional help and I'm on medication.

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Monoclare, I know mere words of "I'm sorry" are not enough, but I want you to know that I feel your pain. My son accidentally overdosed last September 4, 2008.

There is no greater loss than losing your child. No one can know the agony and torture we mothers are experiencing. I too am seeing a therapist and taking meds to sleep when necessary. A good website to visit for parents who have lost their children is:


The website is very active and I'm sure you will find tremendous support there as I have.


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Dear Monaclare,
there is no bound stronger than between a mother and her son.
I am so sorry for your loss.
I lost my son Brian 11/22/08.
he was 18.
life is so unfair.
i am just starting to be able to think of him and not get hysterical.
there is hope. time is starting to some what dull the pain.

I hope that soon you will be able to remember your sons playfulness and not think of the accident.

feel free to contact me if you need an understanding ear.

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monaclare,my son hung himself on shoe laces little over 5 years ago. He was 23. I know how you feel and no amount of words will calm your pain but I am terribly sorry for your loss. Take day by day, if you feel like crying, cry, talk or scream but don't keep things inside. You will be numb, you'll go through many steps. Greeving is a long process, don't be ashamed of your emotions. Time will eventually ease the pain. If you need help, call someone. Group therapy wasn't for me but it might help you through. Don't ask questions, many times there are no answers, don't torture yourself w/thoughts of quilt. You have to go on b/c that's what your son would want. It is tragic accident and I hope you'll get through .

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I can't even imagine your pain. This world seems so dark. I will pray for you and ask that any sort of peace at all with be with you.

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