What are some natural reactions for allergies?

christinehoward2013January 22, 2013

My question is how do I cope with the environmental or seasonal allergies? I understand that things like mold, pollen, and dust may be triggers. Surely these are harder to prevent when i can keep my home and also use an air cleaners, but I can not control these allergens outside and somewhere else i go. Much like me beyond my home over I will be inside, this looks like it could be a problem. I have struggled with seasonal allergies like a kid as well as had asthma. The classic symptoms such as runny nose, itchy throat, come a couple of times a year and constantly disappear right after events of clariton. I'm wondering what are the best long term treatment is to help with tics and overall health? Allergy shots? Regular anti-histamine use? Daily Quercetin? Thanks beforehand!

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Check your diet and look for things like MSG, aspartame, High fructose corn syrup,GMOs and the list goes on. I personally have no use for drugs they cause more problems than they cure. There is a lot of different fields that deal with allergies acupuncture,NLP hypnosis. When you stop and think allergies are a mistake of the immune system it mistakes a non harmful substance and makes it public enemy #1 and the body starts to over react. It is not a lack of drugs

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You need to see an allergist to see what exactly you are allergic to. They can test, then tell you. That way you will at least know for sure what to avoid. I have had indigestion all of my life and just found out at 76 that I am lactose intolerant. I can enjoy food again.

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