What am I?

heydeborahApril 19, 2008

you will probably think this is a stupid question, but here goes. I am not into the Ms. thing, i am a Mrs., but on certain things i have to fill out am i married or single? there are never any spaces for widow. just wondering what you say you are.


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Debbie, I am widowed, therefore single, and am a Ms.

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Ditto what Kay said.

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I have to ask and I know you all will know this.

Once I became widowed, are my in-laws still my in-laws or is there a different word to describe that relationship?


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Doc, that would be up to you. You will always have a connection with your inlaws because of the boys, but YOU no longer have 'that kind' of relationship with them (technically). I still call my inlaws my inlaws, and they do likewise.

You could also call them the boys' grandparents, aunts, uncles - you get the idea.

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