Patio Furniture From Fresh OAK

lewislinDecember 27, 2012


After Hurricane Sandy, we have 2 big OAK trees down. Instead of throwing away the wood, we made some patio furniture out of them. I am looking for some advise on how to preserve these furniture so they can last longer. I have seen people use stain, teak oil and etc to treat the wood. Any advise is appreciated.


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Any finish needs the wood to be dry first.

For me I'd just give it a water seal with something like Tompson's next summer.

Ground contact is not your friend so if you can get some air under it it would help.

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On the long boards cut for seating you should seal the ends, let them dry for this winter, but once spring arrives you should cover with plastic when it rains. It will take about a year or more to dry. Then you can stain, paint or seal.....

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Thanks Zagut and rmanbike!

We thought we had come up with good idea to reuse the wood. But now we are worried about how to take care of them. We have talk to some friends around here but nobody seems to have experience dealing with these fresh wood.

So it sounds like I should leave them as they are for now. I will try to put some plastic stands to raise the wood a little bit so the air could circulate. I will also get some tarps to cover them.

The wood has some cracks on the surface. Should I worry about them? I put some MinWax wood filler to seal them so the water does not penetrate more. But since it has been raining, the filler does not dry very well. Someone also told us to seal(oil, wax) the wood before they dry out so the wood would not crack more.

Really appreciated your time.

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Thats interesting comment joseph004, but I am concerned that this would even be a concern for wood furniture. Because if your well water contains enough sulfur or iron oxide to stain wood, then you have a bad well and shouldnt be using it anyway. But most people would know this from the smell and color of the water.

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