What is White Hickory wood like?

linnea56December 2, 2008

I was looking at a dining set online and the description said the wood was "White Hickory". I know what hickory trees are (until recently had a property full of them) but was not aware that their wood was used for furniture. I want the set to coordinate with an antique oak china cabinet which is a warm rusty brown color. IÂm not having much luck finding an oak table of the right color and right style, so now I am looking at style and color regardless of wood species.

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Thanks for your reply. After posting I did a Google search for white hickory hoping for some pictures of the wood and did not find any, but did get multiple hits for the furniture manufacturer "Hickory White". So now I suspect that even though I asked the vendor about what the wood was, the reply was the name of the manufacturer. Unless there is a wood actually named "White Hickory"? ItÂs a reseller so perhaps that is all she knew.

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Here is a picture of a Simply Amish dinette set in natural Hickory. Hickory has a lot of color contrast. Hickory heartwood is tan or reddish brown with a sapwood that is white to cream. It is this extreme contrast between the heart and sapwood that makes it easy to differentiate from other wood species. Hickory has become popular in kitchen cabinets in recent years and is now seen more in furniture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Simply Amish Furniture

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Thanks, furnone. ThatÂs a very attractive wood. Makes me wish IÂd had something made from my former 3 acres of hickory trees! This is helpful; itÂs obvious to me now that this is not the wood in the dining set I asked the vendor about, which had a dark stain. I will have to ask them again.

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