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alisandeApril 6, 2004

I wanted to share a few pictures of my daughter Gillian with you. First one of the two of us, taken seven months before she died, and then two very different poses--the more typical one with one of her horses, and the other dressed up for some event. She was a natural blonde (from me) with dark eyebrows (from her dad). Memorial Day will be the third anniversary of her passing.

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OMG! What a beautiful girl, Susan. I know you must be so very proud of her. I'm so sorry that you have had to endure this pain, also. I hope that she and Christin are good friends in heaven and know that their moms are cyber friends. :-)
God bless you and your family.

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beautiful, both of you!!!!!! thanks for sharing! sorry for your loss! DianePA

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Susan, I am very touched that you shared the pictures; she is beautiful and you both look lovely and happy together; you are very brave to be doing everything you are doing and still reaching out to people on the various forums, always helpful and cheerful.
thanks for introducing us to Jill.

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Oh, Susan, I'm so sorry. She is such a beautiful girl. The love between you just shines in that first picture and it makes my heart ache for you. I have no words.

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You're both beautiful! Thank you for sharing those pictures.

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Oh Susan -- what an amazing young woman. In the third picture she has a very pre-Raphaelite kind of beauty. But, I have the feeling that the photo with the horse captures her best.

What a loss for you, but also how wonderful to have had her in your life. Thank you so much for showing us the lovely Jill!


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Susan, I am so sorry you lost this beautiful young lady. You are both beautiful and the photos are very touching.

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Thank you so much for all those lovely comments. Lu, I love the thought of Christin and Jill being friends in heaven. If so, no doubt they are playing with their dogs together. Yes, the photo of Jill with her horse is by far the more typical. I took so many pictures of her with her beloved horses. Here's one more. Apollo is the grandson of Aurora, her great companion for years in the show ring. He was supposed to be Aurora's successor.

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She is so beautiful and She looks just like her momma. I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

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What a beautiful daughter, what a horrific thing to lose her.

Perhaps all our children are together, sharing things about us as we are about them.

Mother's Day is coming up, i'm always dreading that because
it's when my son died.
I'm tough as nails most of the time
but man, when it comes to this, it just sucks eggs.

Holding your hand Susan, in this grief we share.


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Oh, Jan. I think all of us grieving mothers have a hard time on Mother's Day, even with surviving children, but it must be excruciating for you. I'll be thinking of you.

My dad died today, and it was Easter Sunday that April 11, too. But although I was close to him, love him dearly and miss him, I don't grieve today. He was ninety and had a full life. It makes such a difference.


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Bumping this for those who weren't here in April. I love rereading your beautiful comments.


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Gillian looked like she enjoyed every moment she had on Earth, you both look so happy and that sort of love isn't something death can break.

It must be so hard to not have her here but a spirit that beautiful is definately living on.

Thank you for sharing the photos.
Sue :)

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Susan, I enjoyed looking at the pictures again. Glad you bumped them up.

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Susan, What a beautiful young lady! I can't begin to imagine the pain of losing a child. My heart goes out to you and all the other dear people I've read from in this forum. Thank you for sharing.

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Nell Jean

Thank you for bumping Jill's photos up; for us and for yourself. Seems we're just drawn to go back and look again and again.

She's lovely, as are you. I was reading Mark Twain's 'Excerpt from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven' last evening. It's hard to imagine their experiences since last we saw them. It's a comfort to remember the years past when we were privileged to have them and have memories to hold dear.

Does your server have a web site hosting for subscribers? Most are easy to use. Jill needs a web site.


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Nell, I agreeƂa website for Jill would be a good thing indeed. It's something I've long intended to do. Perhaps this is the year.

Thank you all,


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This is my first day here so I don't know about everyone's story. Your pics are beautiful and so are you and your daughter.

We lost our daughter Tracy to a horrible one car rollover. It will 2 years in March. She left us with a beautiful grandson who lives with his dad. He just turned 3 and is the love of our lives. donna from wis.

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