Carpet sits below base board/crown molding

dpham20July 8, 2014

I'm having a contractor redo some crown molding and had lowes put in new carpet for a house i just purchased. After the carpet and crown molding were put in there is a small gap between the bottom of the molding and top of the carpet in certain areas. The contractor says there is waves in the carpet that make it that way. Is it possible to put something underneath the carpet where it meets the crown molding to raise it a bit? Thanks in advance.

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Crown molding is trim that goes along the ceiling. Are you talking about baseboards?

A photo of the problem area would be helpful.

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yes i apologize the base boards is what i meant. I'll take pictures next time i go there but here's a drawing of what i'm talking about from a side angle

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There may be dips in the floor itself and that may be why the bottom of the baseboard does not touch the carpet in some places.

Baseboard in rooms where carpet is scheduled is usually installed first and then the carpet is fit up to least that is how it is usually done in my neck of the woods.

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Also, the location of the tack strip which can easily not be in line with your baseboard can cause gaps. Low pile carpet can exaggerate this condition. A baseboard which isn't straight can cause the problem (they do warp).

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