I went to speak to a medium today!

tjmondragonApril 6, 2006

Hey everyone,I had a wonderful experience today.A friend of told me about a medium she went to see when her husband passed away. So today was my appointment and it was magical.She knew things only me and leonard knew,she knew special dates,she knew exactly how I felt and what I do with my day when no one is around.Leonard came thru for a whole hour, he explained to me what happened the night he passed, he was not paying attention in front of him and thats how he hit the guardrail he was looking to the side.He said he is ok and he didnt feel any pain.she even described his injuries.There is no way anyone would know that because I am the only one who knows.she knew my birthday is next week and said he was singing happy birthday to me.She knew that he turned on the lamp in my room.She knew about the picture in my room.Its been 9 months and I have worried so much, blamed myself everyday, I always tell hm sorry and today he said its not your fault.The only thing is she said she thinks he thinks he is still here because he kept asking her why I cry so much and why I couldnt hear him.So that kinda makes me sad its like hes stuck in his own little world.He mentioned our anniversary,our childrens birthdays,the 4th of july (THATS HIS FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER!!!).He told me sorry for doing what he did.He even went back 10 years to when we first got together to say sorry for being unfaithful, that he never wanted to hurt me.That was so long ago and I kinda forgot about it.He said he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me the day he met me.Those are things he would say ,it was so nice to hear them again.He said he is at the house with me and he watches tv with me and wonders why I dont watch tv and I just stare at his picture.So I know he is here with me but the only thing is I wonder if he is still here because I wont let him go.But I may be selfish I dont want to let him go "ever".She said he said he was at work.Thats hat he used to tell me when I would call to bug him he would say "what mama im at work, you bother" you know just playing around. He said that today. It was so nice to hear that.I just wanted to share my great experience with everyone and tell you if you have a chance do it.it was wonderful to hear things that I havent heard for 9 months.And just to let you all know I did not give her any info about anything she just knew.I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

always tracy

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I am so glad to hear that you had a positive experience with the medium you saw today. Often I have thought about going to one, since my daughter died last year. I have so many things to ask her, like, if she was in any pain, what were her last minutes like, why she had to leave so early (she was just 18), is she with her Nana & brother who died before birth? You have shed light on this subject for me. Hopefully I will get the nerve up to start my search for one. Glad Leonard was there for you. And I'm so very sorry for your loss. Bless you!
Emma in PA

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Tracy, that sounds like a wonderful experience! I'm surprised you haven't had more responses to this post. I would have expected quite a bit of interest in mediums on this forum. I know there are a lot of fakes out there. But there are truly gifted psychics as well.


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My oldest son died Oct. 20, 2004, at the age of 34, of juvenille diabetes. He lived here with us, in a trailer in the back yard. I found him on his couch one morning. I had no idea how I would make it thru life without him. I have 3 other children, but Joe lived with me all his life. I was absolutely ready to join him. I felt that I needed to see if there was truly life after death and make sure he was ok, since I had taken care of him all his life. A friend told me of a medium that she had gone to once and I thought I would give it a try. I made the appt and didn't tell this woman anything. I live in WV and she lives in OH, so I knew she didn't know anything about me. To make a long story short, Joe-Joe came to me that day, and I continue to see the medium every 3 months or so. I have an appt next week, on Joe's birthday. There are so many personal things that Joe has told her to tell me, that she couldn't possibly have known. Very personal things that only he and I knew. Every time I get ready to see her, I ask Joe for a specific piece of information. I asked him one time to tell me why he didn't come get me the night he died. Why he didn't tell me he was sick. He told me how he had a fever and was hallucinating. He told me of seeing a blue smoke. He told me that Grandma reached out and took him by the hand and he said, "Oh, I'm here now". He told me of going to the light and compared it to going thru the tunnels in Pittsburgh and coming out on the other side. He loved Pittsburgh. Since I have been going, my grandparents, uncle and others have come thru. But Joe is the strongest of the spirits, so he dominates the sessions (which I don't mind at all). He tells me who he is with, and the animals that we have lost are with him. He mentions his dad's illness and toe amputations, since he left, and the medium would know none of this. This is a long entry, just to say that there is definitely life after death. Joe keeps telling me that he isn't dead. He tells me not to think of him as being dead. He says he's closer to me now than he ever was when he was here. He tells me about having a new Harley and having a wallet full of money. He describes his house there, and he says he goes to all the Nascar races with his brother. I could go on and on, but if anyone would like to know anything else, just let me know. I still miss Joe and I have terrible days sometimes. Today, being Mother's Day, is one of them. Sometimes I cry for a week at a time, but then I have to tell myself that Joe is doing ok and I just bide my time here on earth til I can be with him again. If I couldn't go to the medium often, tho, I wouldn't be able to cope. Joe has also sent me many, many signs. We were very close and always will be. He told me that he will never leave me. But he asks me not to cry so much. I speak his name every single day. He will never be dead, as long as I am alive.


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Iris, thanks for posting that. Isn't that just so wonderful about your Joe! I would love to have a contact like that. My momma passed Jan.30 and I miss her so much...to love somebody so much sure makes it hurt that much more when they leave before us. And children are not supposed to go before the parent. I know you are a strong person and rely on faith to get through. Bless you.


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Tracy, I'm just now seeing your post. I'm so glad that you had a great experience with the medium. I also know people who have had positive experiences.
It can be so comforting, I know. A good friend of mine went to one in Florida. The medium spoke about my daughter, Christin, and also mentioned a male that she was with in heaven. My friend didn't know anything about this guy. The medium even told her his name. When she got home, she told me about it (I actually listened to an audio tape) and the boy that was mentioned had been killed just 5 months before Christin and Christin had dated him. They had so much fun together in life. It was comforting to have it reaffirmed that Christin was with him.
I guess we grab whatever we can for comfort.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christin Cosby Memorial Web Site

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hi everyone, Iris that sounds just like I feel I was wondering about going back but I thought that she might think I was crazy.Thank you im going to make a new appt today. And it is such a great feeling. And lu that is also great about Christin ITS JUST AMAZAZING. Duane if you want to do it I think you should you may feel a little better.


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Just wondering if you ever went back & how it was. I lost my brother unexpectedly about 7 weeks ago & when I came across your post, it really sparked my interest.

How do you find the right person?? I know there are a lot of scammers out there that are ready to take advantage whenever they can.

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I was lucky--a good friend recommended one. I have a lot of confidence in this friend's judgment, and my experience was excellent.

If you start looking, remember that every psychic is not necessarily a medium.

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Hey tj, bowdoin, alisande, greeneyz, luli, alohalani,

Sorry to throw a damper on your spirits - really I am - 'cause I know how real the memories of our loved ones can be and how we need to feel connected with them - but a big, big word of caution, if you look up www.biblegateway.com - you can look up the keyword "mediums" and see how God cautions and commands His people not to consult with them. (see Isaiah 8:19 "When men tell you to consult spiritists and mediums who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God . . .?")

Common wisdom among Christians is that there is a real power there, but it is demonic. I would definitely renounce the devil's work and draw close to God about this matter - you don't want to give a foothold to spiritualist influence in your life.

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I am new here. A little about me: I am 60 years old with 3 adult children and 10 grandchildren. I lost my fiance to suicide 8/15/02 so I am on survivors of suicide groups.

I just joined tonight Nov 28, 2006 because I did a google.com on grieving trying to find a poem about speaking the person's name who has passed on. So many don't do that after the death.

I found this site and just had to join and find out about the medium comments.

I know it is something that is hard to bring up because there are people who think it is ok to go and others who think oh no, you don't do that do you?! Then I am given the reasons why I shouldn't.

I like to go once a year but so many are just in it for the money and the ones who are fake try to get more money from a person for a "special" candle or don't know what they are talking about.

I feel some people do have a gift for this. Too bad some just pretend they do.

I would like to find a good one in Nashville but I haven't so far.

I like to go once a year. I did find a good one in WV who knew a few things.


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I don't want to sound rude, but I must interject here. There's one in every bunch isn't there? Listen to one thing ladies... You are allowed to believe in whatever your heart tells you to believe in and whatever makes you feel better and helps you to cope with the grief that a loss such as these hurls you into. Grief is a horrible thing to have to endure, but just as is dying, so is grief a very real and unavoidable part of life. Don't allow anyone to succeed who tries to take away that which enables you to cope with this grief.

I believe in and love God with all my heart, all my mind and all my soul, however, I can't help but get angered by people who think that the only voice of God comes through the Bible. Personally I don't give the Bible much credence because I believe it was written by man and twisted and turned around and upside down for the agenda of the day until present day very little of it is the true word of God. I know the word of God (for me). It's in my heart and in my soul and I for one certainly don't need someone sharing their self-righteous demonic sightings or their bible interpretations with me or anywhere near me. I generally say one thing to these people who think they have all the answers and that is... "We'll all find out someday, won't we?", and so as to avoid violating the guidelines, with that I bid you please take your naysaying to another forum.

Sorry to all of the others on this forum, but this was such a wonderful conversation until I got to that post and I could not be silent and let someone like that spoil everyone else's great experience.

I will sign on again soon and tell you all my story.


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I just saw your post and I might be able to help you find someone. Is Morrison, TN near you?


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I am a strong christian. my husband doesnt think that mediums are they way to go. that they arent real. but thats only his opinion. so it doesnt matter to you guys. (()))
i feel so lost from my dad, I dont sense him around me. I dont know what I expected to feel. like I dont feel like he is in 'heaven'. its me- i dont know what to feel. I think so many of us would just love to have one more minute to hold their hand, to talk to us, to us talk to them. my dad went so fast, we put him in the hospital, the next day we found out he had terminal cancer. and then he was gone. i didnt know what to say to him. except to say- thank you, and daddy your in so much pain, please its ok to go.

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Nell Jean

Viola Rose, what a brave and lovely thing you did for your father. You had the opportunity to say Thank You and you gave him permission to go. We always wish there had been more: more time, more words, more comfort. There could not have been more love in what you did and said.

I've observed the work of mediums and here's what I think. I think that we all have within us a closeness to those we love, wherever they may be. Sometimes we have to develop that bond and it becomes frustrating that we're not going to see them as they were before. Take comfort in the smallest signs, like a few bars of a song, a fragrance that holds a memory, a letter found in a bottom drawer, a forgotten photo, a familiar food, an unusual antic of a bird or butterfly, a dream.

My son was known as the monkeyman. Last weekend his brother and I were looking in a box of junk for memorabilia unrelated to him. We found a single plastic monkey from one of those chains of monkeys that children play with. Coincidence?

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lindadf (My Page) If you are still on here, please contact me. My E-mail is beside my name. I don't think Morrisontown is too far away from me.

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