is there anything that can be done?

runsnwalkenJanuary 1, 2009

My dad married last year, and along with a new step mom, I got a bunch of new family members.... most of them to me as mysterious as the life on the bottom of the sea, (know a good 4 or 5 but thats it).

Including an uncle, named mike, 50 years old... recently he has been found to have both advancing lung and brain cancer, , and has been given less then a year to live. He has smoked for most of his life and has stopped- for good. If he lives past the 6 months they gave he said he's going back to work. I don't know much about it, as uncle Mike and his wife, my new aunt. live 5 miles out of the twin cites on a 5 ancre wooded lot, they get lots of wildlife and have a bunch of pets. My mom told me with cancer drugs it could be 1, 2 or even 3 years before he dies and that the will to live is very strong... we visited him and his wife for the holidays strangely he sees very apt to beat this and for all the world acts like its only a bad cold or flu. I haven't known him for long, have only really seen him 2 times.

I was wondering if there's anything I could tell mom to pass along to his wife in the vain hope of helping him. I know lung cancer is VERY serious alone and so is brain cancer alone, and everyone in his family is very sad, I love how Mike isn't getting upset or depressed ( at least when we visited him)

Diets? treatments? Meds? is there anything I can give? He's on meds right now but... i'm not sure which ones.

I guess I should be grateful I haven't known him long enough to get attached and if its one thing it teaches is not to smoke, i don't and never will either, Autism is enough for me.- For christmas I got his wife a gift packet of MN wild rice, chocolate and some exotic teas.

thank you for your time.

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Let his oncologist handle it, you are not qualified to administer treatment or give medical advice.

Be there for him, help his family out, keep him upbeat and be a friend. That is the best way to help him.

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I just finished treatment for breast cancer. I live in Arizona and flew to Oklahoma for my treatments. I had treatments done at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). The lady that got me to go there had lung cancer (the worse kind) and was told there was nothing to be done for her. She went to CTCA and is now cancer free. While I was there, I met several people that were "sent home to get their affairs in order" and after going to CTCA, are cancer free. It might be worth a call or visit for a second opinion. Does he have insurance? They also have an online chat, you will get someone right away. They pay for your flights to and from the center. My prayers for him and all of the family. Be supportive and don't treat him like he has the plague. That happens to alot of people with cancer. People sometimes are affraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, so they avoid the person with cancer. Just a suggestion, please keep us informed. The website for CTCA is
God Bless

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Thank you twolips... will give the CTCA info to mom for mike.

I know I'm not aurthorized to treat the disease, but to look up stuff for some buddy... what harm comes from that? As medically speaking they are going to die,anyway unless a mircle happens or something is done.

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Lori......I hope you have a full recovery.
I'm interested in what you wrote because recently, I noticed on the CTCA's TV ads, in small letters it has something like "no results are typical. You shouldn't expect these results", and it made me think that it probably wasn't any better at dealing with cancer than a big city hospital.........but maybe it is.

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Thank you for wishing me full recovery, I hope I fully recover too! Just something I will have to worry about the rest of my life, but I don't dwell on it.
No results are typical, no matter where you go. I live in a small town and treatment they talked about giving me at home was not the same as I got from CTCA. Perhaps those that came away cancer free after being sent home might have became cancer free elsewhere too, who knows. CTCA is just a wonderful place. Everything is in one center, you don't have to travel around and all of the doctors work together. They have a hospital, in patient and out patient, all tests are done there, a lab, radiation, invusion center, pharmacy for prescriptions and supplements, a chapel with chaplains, cafeteria that serves all natural organic foods, nutrionists, naturopathics, mind and body therapists and the most caring staff members you can't even imagine. They have rooms for you to stay in at the center or you can go to one of the hotels they offer for $30 a nite, Radison or Candlewood Suites. They also have transportation. They pick you up from the airport and return you, same with hotels. If you want to go shopping or out to eat, they take you. They also have outings. They take care of getting all your medical records for you. They are just very compassionate to the cancer patient. They want you to focus on getting better and they will do the rest.
I am by no means saying that they CAN cure you, as I know of some that have passed, just that they are so caring and they do have some of the best technology to treat cancer. I asked at my local hospital what CTCA could do that they couldn't and they told me probably nothing, so who knows. I just know that I am glad I went there, and will continue to go their for my follow ups.
God Bless

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You uncle is very, very ill. The fact that he has lung and brain cancer indicates that there is a high probability that the cancer has spread (metastasized) to other areas of his body.

I think it is admirable that you care enough about your uncle that you want to help and I do not think there is any harm in that. My concern is that there are many, many nasty people that could take advantage of your caring and promise all kinds of things that are not true. Because you do not know much about treating cancer, you may get your hopes up and get hurt by these people. It takes a great deal of experience, study, pain, and thoughtfulness to be able to understand what is true and what is not true, not only in medicine but in life.

I do not think you will find the kind of information you need in a forum, or any non-professional gathering place, because the people who go there do not know alot about treating cancer and tend to be susceptible to heresay. However, if you want information about how get through the difficult experience of watching a family member deal with cancer, I think these kinds of forums can be very helpful.

If you want to educate yourself about diet, supplements, and other approaches to treating cancer, you would need to start reading the medical literature. High-quality information about legitimate approaches to treating cancer naturally is generally not easily available on the Internet. Low-quality sales pitches for snake oil approaches, unfortunately, is found in abundance.

If you want to pass on something that might be helpful, tell your mom that your uncle may benefit from seeing a doctor who is an expert in the natural treatment of cancer. As you note, the chances here are not good, not only because of how ill your uncle is but because natural treatments will require your uncle to significantly change his lifestyle, which he may not be willing to do.

Another way you can help is just by spending time with your uncle and helping him to keep his spirits up. That is an important component of any kind of cancer treatment.

Good luck and I wish you the best.

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runsnwalken, there are several kinds of lung cancer. Second and even third opinions are important. Each person should consider treatment with a provider with whom he/she feels listens to their concerns. Have met many folks who are managing well with one lung or less due to cancer. Good luck to you and your 'new' family.

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Thank you all

I've give the CTCA info to my mom and she's given it to her sister, Mikes wife. Hopefully whatever time he has is good.

I understand the outlook isn't good, and I'm careful not to take advice to litterly.

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